Camila Morrone Net Worth, Parents, Life of Leonardo DiCaprio GF

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 24 Nov, 2019
Camila Morrone Net Worth, Parents, Life of Leonardo DiCaprio GF

The goddess of beauty, Camila Morrone, is an Argentine-American actress as well as a model. She is an actress known for the 2018 film Death Wish, a documentary My Own Private River, Never Goin’ Back, and so on.

As a model, Camila has modeled for Victoria’s Secret ads in 2016, making it her debut modeling career and also for an acclaimed brand, Versace.

Camilla is already renown for her peak career; however, she has further garnered more recognition as a girlfriend of Oscar-winning Titanic’s actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, and as the stepdaughter of Hollywood legend Al Pacino. 

Camilla’s Wiki (Age), Nationality & Measurements

Camila was born in Buenos Aures, Argentina, on 16 June 1997, but, later she was raised in Los Angeles. Little is known about Camilla’s early age; she attended Beverly Hills High School and faced a critical phase at only the age of nine as her parents got divorced.

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As for her appearance, Camilla is a naturally gorgeous blonde lady with beautiful eyes and a structured face. Her measurements include 35-24-34 inches or 89-61-86 cm, and her height is 1.75m (5’9”) with a weight of 117 pounds (53 kg). 

Career Journey

Camilla made her first acting debut in 2012 with a documentary My Own Private River, directed by reputed director James Franco as a tribute to Joaquin Phoenix. She later again appeared in Franco’s 2014 film Bukowski. Her appearance in Hollywood eventually started flourishing; as a result, Camilla began to receive many modeling offers.

She soon made her debut in modeling as well, with the most celebrated fashion show Victoria’s Secret in 2016. Although her modeling debut was in Victoria’s Secret PINK ads, she has never walked for the show. But her first runway was for Moschino’s 2017 resort collection. Camilla appeared on the cover page of eminent magazine Vogue’s Turkey edition and also worked for the coveted brand Urban Outfitters. 

Camilla’s Parents And Family

Amid by the stars, Camila and her younger brother, Sky Morrone, was born to model and actor Maximo Morrone and his estranged Argentinian actress wife, Lucila Solá. Her father Maximo is known for his role in Luchadores (2000), CSI: Miami (2002), and Forbidden Warrior (2005). Also, he has modeled for Versace.

Similarly, Camila's mother, Lucila, is popular for Andrew Black’s 2013 film Pride and Prejudice, Un Buen día (2010) and Kirstie (2013). 

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Unfortunately, Camila's parents could not shine together and split in 2006. Three years later, in 2009, Camilla's mother of half Ashkenazi Jewish and half Slovenian, began a romantic relationship with Hollywood legend, Al Pacino. The pair has not married yet in 2019, but Camilla prefers to refer Al Pacino as her stepdad.

As for her biological father, Maximo, his current relationship is mum.

Who Is Camilla Dating? 

Camila and Leonardo started dating in April 2018 and has been inseparable since then. Although the pair were first photographed together in December 2017, their dating status became official when they were first spotted engaging in PDA in April 2018.

Camilla Morrone and her popular beau, Leonardo DiCaprio. (Photo:

Despite their 23 years of age gaps and hatred on the internet, Camila and her boyfriend are still going strong. However, they has not shown any possible hint of getting married any time sooner.

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Life Of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend 

As Camilla is enjoying the reputation she garnered from her popular boyfriend, meantime, she has also become a victim of criticism and bullying. She has become the hottest topic to gossip about for her relationship with a man, who is 23 years older than her and is also flirtatious. 

She had been receiving so many hate and rude comments on her Instagram that she had to take action. In July 2019, she shared an Instagram story video (now deleted) of her self saying: 

I just read some of the comments on my Instagram and my God; people are so mean and full of anger for people that they know nothing. I hope this Friday, that people learn to live with a little less hatred and place their time and interests elsewhere because living without hatred feels pretty good.

Thankfully, the negativism of the audience has not affected their relationship a bit. Moreover, it has made the duo more severe and strong. Leonardo has been embracing his beloved so much. He even took Camilla and her family on vacation to Rome alongside his parents on 4 August 2019.

Net Worth  

Camilla, being a distinguished model and an actress, her net worth must be at a considerable amount.  But surprisingly, her income details has not been disclosed in an exact amount. 

Note: The average salary of a model is $11.43 per hour, while the bottom line models got paid $8.81 per hour, and top models got paid $14.83. Since Camila is a reputed model as well as an actress, the salary is undoubtedly beyond the average. 

Besides, Camilla could be enjoying the lavish life from her boyfriend, Leonardo, whose net worth is $260 million.