Carla Jimenez Wiki: Married or Single, Affair, Family, Net Worth, Weight

By Ashish Dahal | Updated On: 26 Mar, 2018
Carla Jimenez Wiki: Married or Single, Affair, Family, Net Worth, Weight

If you have observed the series The Mick, then you probably have recognized this pretty lady, Carla Jimenez, who is known for portraying the character of Alba. Well, Carla has already marked her place as a television actress. But not just an actress, she is also a writer who wrote the series The Mick. 

Carla's Professional Life

The American television and film actress, Carla Jimenez (age 44), started her career in 2002 playing a role in the series Lincoln Heights. She then appeared in a couple of episodes of Strong Medicine in 2002 and 2003. She also appeared in ER and The District in 2003. Carla has also appeared in the series such as My Name Is Earl and Little Britain USA and in films including Miss March (2009) and Phat Girlz (2006).

She later handled a featuring part in FOX's The Mick and has given her voice in The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

Most recently, Carla has appeared in the Netflix sitcom Fuller House, playing an adoption agent for Jesse and Becky. As per wiki, she also has long-standing recurring roles in series such as Raising Hope, Growing Up Fisher and Last Man Standing. 

Carla's Net Worth

Forty-four-year-old Carla Jimenez is an actress who has contributed fifteen years of her life to the entertainment world. Throughout her journey as an actress, she played and wrote different series. In this regard, her earnings and financial status is something that is a concern of most of the people. Well, despite the fact that Carla has succeeded to enjoy a fruitful life as a performing artist, her net worth is still not been revealed.

Carla Jimenez Married Or Single?

Being a public figure, Carla's professional and personal life has grabbed huge media attention. Similarly, her relationship status is one of the things that has created a buzz among her fans and followers.

Despite being in mid-forties, the veteran actress seems to be single. Well, the details of her personal life are always behind the curtains, and she neither has talked about her possible married life in any of her interviews which hints that she has a husband. 

Surprisingly, the actress seems to be mentioning the term 'boyfriend' in most of her tweets. Back on 29 July 2015, Carla showed a little bit of sarcasm through her post gushing that her boyfriend used to woo her by saying that he liked her face stating 'Your face, I like that shit.'

Carla Jimenez's tweet on boyfriend (Photo: Twitter)

Well, this wasn't the only time when Carla talked about her boyfriend. Back on 6 August 2016, Carla jokingly thanked her boyfriend for not reporting her to the legal authorities for her disgusting obsession with serial killers.

Though Carla has been talking about her boyfriend sometimes, she has kept his identity low-key which has confused her fans whether she is dating someone or is single.

Weight, Not An Issue For Carla!

Carla has never been affected by her weight. Well, she doesn't regard it as an issue. In an interview with Refiner29 in October 2017, Carla revealed that neither her age nor her weight bothered her to portray the character of Alba in The Mick. She explained,

"I feel blessed with this part because I can say, they hired me [because] they thought my comedic talent was funny. It literally didn't go to age, it didn't go to weight."

She continued,

"It was like, You had the best comedic timing for this role, this is why we're hiring you. And the things I do could be put into any person of any age and weight, and it'll still be funny. So that's what I liked. There's nothing that jabbed at me, or that said, Oh, we hired you because of this... it comes down to the material, not the physical look."

Short Bio

Born on 14 May 1974 in Westwood, Los Angeles, California, Carla Jimenez is also known by her original name Carla Maria Jimenez. Talking about her family, we have come to know that she has two sisters who were born one year apart on the same day (April 21st). However, the details of her parents are still confined. 

Carla stands tall at the height of 5 feet three inches, i.e. (1.6m) and belongs to Afro-American ethnicity.