China Mac Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

China Mac, whose real name is Raymond Yu, was born in 1982 in Brooklyn, New York....he reportedly musters the yearly revenue of about $3.9K and $62.9K....China expressed his life story while serving time in prison. He spoke that he was associated with a woman...his birthday every year on the 12th of July...

China Mac Wiki, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

One of the most notorious faces in the rap game, China Mac is most noted for his violent crime-filled past life and numerous arrests.

But now, he’s on a quest to rewrite history. Having always been fascinated with hip-hop and rapping, Mac grew up rapping in the streets. After releasing from the prison, Mac started a recording studio Red Money Records and began releasing his original music. With is a great step in life, his fan following has been growing exponentially throughout the past years.

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Has A Girlfriend Or Wife?

Once a notorious gang-member known for violence, China served more than a decade behind bars, and it is there he managed to change his ways and begin a new life.

Seemingly a changed man has remained mum when it's about his present relationship. Whether he is currently dating anyone or has already got married remains a mystery. While delving into his social media post, it can be seen that any post regarding love are usually dedicated to his mother.

(Photo: China's Twitter)

Apparently, China appears to be focused on making music than being involved in romantic relationships.

However, while speaking with VladTv in February 2019, China expressed his life story while serving time in prison. He spoke that he was associated with a woman, not romantically but just as close friends while in prison. She was the only friend at a time when he was alone.

Other than that, China’s love life seems to be blank at present. China is yet to gush about his ladylove, who matches the quality of his wife.

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Net Worth

China had made a chunk of money in the past through violence and drug-dealing. But, being incarcerated and serving time, there was fluctuation in his income.

Fortunately, after the release from jail, He launched a recording studio named Red Money Records and released his Yard, Buck a Cop. Some of his other works and songs include Johnny Dang, Voices in My Head, Who I Am, Don't Play Wit Me and Bodies on My Gunz.

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Through his music, China Mac has managed to amass a wide fan following in the rap game. So, it would be of no surprise to see his income in a flourishing state. Although the exact sum is under review at the moment, China could have the net worth in the range of thousands or millions. From his YouTube channel, he reportedly musters the yearly revenue of about $3.9K and $62.9K.

Facts- Arrest Cases

China Mac is an ex-gang member of Ghost Shadows Gang, a Chinese American gang known for extreme violence. Having been associated with gangs and violence at the age of 12, China spent most of his childhood serving time in juvenile detention camps.

When he was 18, He got arrested for gang-related violence and was handed a three-year prison sentence. Serving three years, China was released in 2003, but just after less than five months, he landed himself in hot water when he was involved in a shooting at an NYC nightclub.

China was involved in an incident that involved fellow rapper MC Jin, who allegedly “disrespected” the wife of one of China’s friends. He then confronted Jin in the club’s bathroom meanwhile one of Jins’ friend Christopher Louie allegedly rushed in with a knife and tried to attack China. In the heat of the moment, China pulled out a gun intending to shoot Louie in the head, but the gun jammed on the first try. On his second try, he ended up shooting him in the back. After running away for a year, he was caught in Seattle.

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It is while serving time in prison; he got the name, China Mac. The name was given to him by a gang leader. And in prison, he spent his time rapping, reading business books and trying to change himself for good. After serving ten years, his release saw him come back to the open world with $7000 in cash which he used to open his recording studio.

Reunites With MC Jin!

Nineteen years after the shooting case at an NYC nightclub with MC Jin and his fellow men, they seemed to have reconciled their differences and have reunited with one another. In an Instagram post, China Mac posted a picture of himself with MC Jin appearing to shake hands.

China Mac, shaking hands with MC Jin. (Photo:

As of now, China is focused on establishing his career as a notorious rapper and not be remembered as a once violent gang member.

Wiki & Bio: Family

China Mac, whose real name is Raymond Yu, was born in 1982 in Brooklyn, New York. Mac celebrates his birthday every year on the 12th of July. He seems to stand at an average height. He holds American nationality while his ethnicity ranges from Chinese to American.

Unlike other children, his childhood was not normal. His father was a top-ranking member of the Flying Dragons, an extremely violent Chinese American gang associated with murder, drug-trafficking, and kidnappings. China had once stated that his father was never really present in his life. His mother raised him giving love of parents— she even had to take two or more jobs to support her family, which is when he got involved in crime.