Chris Crocker Wiki, Gay, Net Worth

Hailing from East Tennessee, Actor, and a Cinematographer, Chris Crocker was born as Christopher Darren Cunningham on 7 December 1987...Crocker is a self-described edutainer. In almost all his period from puberty to legal adulthood, he presented himself as an openly adult film personality,  Chris is estimated to have a net worth of around $4,50,000.

Chris Crocker Wiki, Gay, Net Worth

Chris Crocker is not only famous for his play in adult movies but also as an entertainer. He is well known for publishing entertaining videos on his YouTube channel, mainly for the video Leave Britney Alone that he made in concern with Britney Spears haters regarding her performance in 2007 MTV video music awards.

The video went viral overnight and earned more than 2 million views within just 24 hours. His video was also named for the Top video of the year by Weird magazine. Following the success, he was further interviewed in major shows like CNN, The Today Show, and Jimmy Kimmel's live show.

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Hailing from East Tennessee, Actor, and a Cinematographer, Chris Crocker was born as Christopher Darren Cunningham on 7 December 1987, and his grandparents raised him. His nickname is Chrissy.

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In 2006, he grabbed the attention when he first started uploading videos on YouTube. He alone had built an empire with his entertaining videos on YouTube; however, what made him more famous is his video Leave Britney alone.

Along with his popularity with the video relating to Britney, he continued releasing his own music videos and type-casted in numerous documentary films as well.  He had always been actively entertaining his fans and never had disappointed them until one fine day he called his fans ‘literally retarded’ in 2019.

No one will be entertained when they are slammed with such words; hence, his fans got offended and unsubscribed him while some slammed him back with inappropriate words.

Later on 15 April 2019, the Adult film star Chris apologized for blaming his mental health, but, some people didn’t stop criticizing him. All his fame and respect he had, lost in a single video he made while he was intoxicated. 


Standing at the height of 5’ 8” (1.73m), Chris Crocker with a manly look didn’t let anybody have a second thought regarding his sexuality. In an interview with Huff Post, he shared his views toward his sexuality. He thinks that gender is how people see themselves on the inside, and in their minds. 

Chris still has not configured his actual gender identity. However, he has an interest in gay adult videos and which is why he actually stepped into the adult industry, as affirmed by Lucas Entertainment first published his video under Chris Crocker's Raw Love in Match 2016. In most of his adult content, he presents himself as an openly gay man.

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On his journey in 2016, he was rumored to have an affair with Aaron Carter( younger brother of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter) 2016 when Aaron called Chris his husband on Twitter.

Chris Crocker with his rumored boyfriend, Aaron Carter (Photo:

However, both didn't give a clear statement regarding their relationship.

Net Worth

Chris Crocker is an internet sensation, and most of his prominent part of income comes from a brand endorsement, YouTube, and sponsors. As a YouTube star and an adult film personality,  Chris is estimated to have a net worth of around $4,50,000.

His video "Leave Britney Alone!" became the turning point in his life when it went viral on the internet in 2007. In the video, he tearfully defended a pop singer Britney Spears' comeback performance at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Besides YouTubing, he has also released albums on iTunes. Prior to fame, the 31 years old YouTube personality worked as an editor for an e-zine.


Know a few facts about Chris Crocker which you guys might be unaware about;

  1. Chris claimed he was blackmailed for making the adult videos he had made during he was intoxicated.

  2. He deleted his official Youtube page after receiving much hatred and comments telling him to suicide in September 2015. Again in 2018, he deleted his facebook due to facebook's new policies that forbidden him from posting something related to sexuality.