Who Is CJ Pearson? Details On Parents, Family & Net Worth

By Chakrit Subedi | Published On: 31 Dec, 2019
Who Is CJ Pearson? Details On Parents, Family & Net Worth

“My activism is centered around fighting to give young people a voice in their government and in the political arena,”

In an article posted in the Washington Times on 9th December 2015, CJ Pearson has disclosed about his dreams and vision for the country’s youth population.

Corceo Jaquan Pearson, also known as CJ Pearson, was a child prodigy whose political views and insights came from an early age. He gained national attention in the US for his conservative activism.

Corceo addresses his conservative opinion being the president and founder of Last Hope USA. And with times, he has been polishing his intellects and honing his political knowledge. This is why many people foresee him as the leader of the coming generation who could shape the future of the nation.

Bio- Age

CJ Pearson was born on 31 July 2002 in Georgia, United States. He has been surprising people with his way of handling political agendas with ease and intellect at the age of 17.

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CJ Pearson spent his early days in his grandparent’s home. When he was born, his mother was in her senior high school. So, his grandparents took the responsibility to raise him. His grandmother was a former educator, whereas his grandfather started his contractor business after getting retired from the American military.

CJ Pearson with his father (Photo: Twitter)

Besides grandparents, CJ Pearson's parents are democrats. Despite that, he chose to represent his ideas of being a republican and a conservative activist.

Regardless of being a conservative activist, CJ, personally, is close to his parents. On his tweets, he has even lauded the effort of all the mothers to raise their children in the best possible way. Moreover, he has also wished mother’s day to all the mothers pouring the words filled with gratitude and love.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of CJ Pearson is not disclosed. Nevertheless, from his political views and insights he shares on his YouTube channel, he makes some money from it.

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Some Interesting Facts

  • Just at the ripe age of eight, he posted a video on YouTube addressing American President Obama, which garnered huge praise and attention from the viewers all over the world. The video was titled “President Obama: Do you love America,” which accumulated more than 2 million views in a concise period.
  • He is the architect and initiator of Young Georgians in Government and co-chairmen of National Youth 2020 Leaders. He also serves as the chairman of Teens for Ted.  
  • There was a time, CJ changed his views and became displeased with the conservative ideas of addressing racial discrimination in the USA back in 2015. At that time, he endorsed the view of the Democratic Party Presidential nominee Senator Bernard Sanders.
  • He joined the conservative movement since he was in second grade.