Cristela Alonzo Net Worth, Husband, Weight Loss

Born on 6 January 1979 in Hidalgo, Texas, Cristela originally belongs to Mexico as her parents were inherited....Holding the total net worth of $4 million, Cristela is not only a comedian and a writer but also a producer and an actress...boyfriend, Steve Halasz, whom she dated for long 10 years since 2008..

Cristela Alonzo Net Worth, Husband, Weight Loss

Cristela Alonzo is a stand-up comedian and a writer especially known for her TV series Cristela launched in 2014. She is also known for her appearance in the comedy show: Comedy Central’s The Half Hour to which the L.A. 2014 weekly enlisted in the top 10 Los Angeles Comedy Acts to Watch by L.A.

Alonzo's journey to stardom was not that easy as she lived homeless for eight years. 

Net Worth

Holding the total net worth of $4 million, Cristela is not only a comedian and a writer but also a producer and an actress. She has made her precious appearance in many TV series and TV-shows including episodes of Sons of Anarchy, The Book Club, General Hospital and Hey It’s Fluffy. Apart from these, her other ventures include the Last Comic Standing, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Conan.

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Cristela's achievements are; she was enlisted in the top 10 L.A. Comedy Acts to Watch in 2014  by L.A. Weekly, and in the same year, she also set a record as one of the 13 Funny Women to Watch by Cosmopolitan. 

Married, Husband

Anticipating Cristela’s tweets, it’s crystal clear that this young comedian is single lately and is yet to get married. However, as per the NY Times, she had a Jewish boyfriend, Steve (Steven) Halasz, whom she started dating in 2004. The pair met each other while Steve was exiting the bathroom in a Chinese restaurant. 

During the starting of 2008 when she was in her struggling phase and Steve took full responsibility when she was dealing with depression.

Cristela Alonzo and Stephen Halasz at International Myeloma Foundation 12th Annual Comedy Celebration (Photo:

At present, Cristela still maintains a close relationship with him; however, she considers Steve as only a friend. Meanwhile, he still cares for Cristela. He recently arranged a birthday surprise for Cristela in January 2019, along with her family. It is still a mystery as if they are in a romantic relationship.

As of now, Cristela is not married and yet to gush about her future husband.

Weight Loss

Although Cristela is a Comedian and makes fun of everything, she rarely pokes fun when it's about her weight loss journey. She has been working hard since 2011 to lose some fat and gain healthy muscles.

As confirmed on her Facebook's post, Cristela lost 30lbs in just three years until 2011and 12lbs in 2014.  She even set a goal to have a healthy body consisting of 150 lbs weight that would be suitable for her height. 

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As of 2019, Cristela has yet to disclose her current body measurements but analyzing her body structure; it looks like she has reached to her objective and is living a fresh and healthy life.

Parents Details

Cristela's parents immigrated from Mexico to the USA because they wanted freedom from the conservative and narrow regulations of their Mexican village, which were a male-dominated society. They migrated to the US with the 1st baby and stayed there for a while. Eventually, they again returned to the village after having two children in the USA, but thankfully, after eight years, they came back in her older brother's visa.

Sadly, after the birth of Cristela, her father abandoned her mother and family members, so she couldn’t even remark her father’s face. However, her mother, Natalia Alonza, raised her and other siblings as a  single parent regardless of financial struggles and hardships.

Sisters: Cristela and her sister Julie took a snap while waiting for Sergio. ( Source: Cristela's Instagram)

A ray of light entered into the family when Natalia and her elder son got a "resident alien" status in the US. But she couldn’t enjoy the legal services of the country more because of her illness.

Sadly, Cristela's family life once again filled with darkness when they lost their beloved mother on 7 April 2001 because of lack of medical attention. Cristela was only 22 years old when she evident her mother’s death in front of her eyes.

Bio, Age

Born on 6 January 1979 in Hidalgo, Texas, Cristela originally belongs to Mexico as her parents were inherited. She is the youngest born child, raised along with her three elder siblings in Texas. 

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Unlike other children, Cristela had a rough childhood and had to compromise with whatever her mother could afford. But the good side was, she was a brilliant student and has won several academics awards from her Pharr-San Juan-Alamo High School.