Openly Gay Dan Howell Bio: Relationship Status, Family, Net Worth

Daniel Howell is a radio personality and a Youtube presenter who is better known as the Internet Cult Leader since he won the youtube competition called SyperNote in 2012. He runs his self titled Youtube channel, Daniel Howell and his collaborated channel DanAndPhilGAMES alongside his best friend.

Openly Gay Dan Howell Bio: Relationship Status, Family, Net Worth

Daniel Howell, also known as Dan, is a radio personality and a YouTube presenter. He is known for his self-titled YouTube channel Daniel Howell and for his collaborated channel DanAndPhilGAMES which he runs alongside his best friend, Phil Lester. His self-titled channel has massive 6.53 million subscribers; whereas, his collaborated channel DanAndPhilGAMES has 3.07 million subscribers. 

Adding on to his achievements, Daniel won the YouTube competition called SuperNote in 2012. 

Not to forget, Daniel is also recognized as an artist as he has given amazing contributions in the 2016 Disney TV series The Lion Guard and on the 2014 animated superhero film, Big Hero 6. 

Education And Career Start

Daniel graduated from The Forest School in Berkshire and later enrolled at the University of Manchester, majoring in Law in 2010. But, as he was interested in videos and vlogs since childhood; his passion for video blogs didn’t let him complete his college and dropped out only after a year of enrolling at the university.

At the time, Daniel was only the age 16 but started working at a retail chain Focus DIY and in Supermarket Asda. Later, in October 2009, he created his YouTube channel and debuted his first video, Hello Internet. His first video got an instant hit and received many good reviews from his best friend Phil Lester as well as other friends that motivated Daniel to make more videos. 

Family And Siblings

Daniel is the firstborn son of his parents. His father worked at a departmental store while his mother owned a beauty parlor. Besides, Daniel has a younger sibling Adrian Howell, who is also a YouTube star like Daniel.  

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About Daniel's upbringing, his mother abandoned her two children as well as his father to start a new life. He is yet to recover from the incident and hasn't yet forgiven his mother.

Is Daniel Gay?

Daniel came out publicly as gay as on 13 June 2019 via a video called Basically I’m Gay. The announcement swirled the internet rapidly and while many supported him, others raised questions on his relationship with his "so-called" best friend, Phil Lester. 

Relationship Status

After Daniel came out as gay, his relationship with Phil Lester became a matter of public curiosity. Audiences started anticipating the two best friends as a gay couple and Daniel took no time to give a response to the curiosity. 

Through his 45-minute-long video titled Basically I'm Gay, Daniel claimed that his relationship with Phil was more than romance.

He further added that the duo (he and Phil) were best friends, companions throughout life, and soulmates. 

Daniel Howell with best friend Phil Lester. (Photo: Instagram) 

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Other than Phil, Daniel was also linked to actress Lucy Hale in 2013. But, after he came out as a gay man, the rumors died down.

How Much Is Daniel’s Net Worth?

Daniel has a net worth of $3 million from his career as a radio personality and video blogger. He- alongside his best friend Phil- hosted a radio show called Dan and Phil in 2013, and a Youtube channel titled DanAnd PhilGAMES in 2014.

The duo has also written a book called The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire in 2015. Their hard work led the partners to win a Sony Golden Headphones Award in 2013. 

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Besides, Daniel also won the Youtube competition SuperNote in 2012 and the title of Lovie Internet Video Personality of the Year in 2014.

Interesting Facts About Daniel You Might Have Missed:

1.  Daniel is a native of England and he was born on 11 June 1991 in Wokingham. 

2. Daniel stands tall on the height of 6' 3" (1.91 m) and has a relevant body weight.