Daniel Caesar Girlfriend, Gay, Net Worth, Now

By Oshil Pokhrel | Published On: 24 Jun, 2019
Daniel Caesar Girlfriend, Gay, Net Worth, Now

Daniel Caesar is a singer/songwriter from Canada who instantly shot to fame after releasing single Get You in 2016. In Spotify alone, the R&B star hoarded over 250 million streams for his 2017 album Freudian. His critically lauded albums are Praise Break, Pilgrim's Paradise, and Up Next Session: Daniel Caesar.

Daniel performed in numerous venues like the Coachella festival and has appeared in Common's video 'HER Love.'

Dating/ Girlfriend?

Canadian R&B artist Daniel is a happy chap who has low-keyed his romantic life. However, he showcases a love for his fans and even dedicates his songs for them. He shouts out his song titled Who Hurt You for a lady whom he once met at Atlanta club Follies. But Daniel remains mum regarding the mysterious lady and has yet to vocal on whether she is his girlfriend or not.

Also, his fans engaged to their respective counterparts during his romantic gig back in November 2017. At the moment, Daniel is busy in his career, and he showers love and affection for his fans who love his music. But, it remains unsure when the musician will bestow the news of his profounding love and his dating life.

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Dave Chappelle Labeled Him Gay

A controversy broke in March 2019 when American stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle labeled Daniel as 'very gay' during John Mayer's Instagram live show. He and Dave were sitting as guests of John at the time. Daniel got offended, but Dave affirmed that he was poking fun to his friend.

Meanwhile, John marked that the statement came because everyone was drunk and cited the whole thing as an accident. 

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A native of Oshawa, Canada, Daniel Caesar was born on the 5th of April in 1996. His real name is Ashton Simmonds and possesses black ethnicity- his father is Jamaican.

Since his childhood, Daniel was interested in music. Although music runs in his family blood, his parents did not support his music career. His father Norwill Simmonds is a gospel singer who released albums like This Song Of Worship and Can You Feel His Love. Likewise, his mother Hollace Simmonds is also part of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

When Daniel got expelled from school, he left his Oshawa home and went to Toronto to pursue his career in music. Even after being homeless, his mother Hollace told him that they were not going to compromise him living outside.

But Daniel never backed down from his career path of making music. Now, the once-homeless boy has managed to become a successful musician.

Height And Bio(Age)

The Canadian musician, who has a weight of 75 kg, stands tall with a height of 1.8 m (5 feet 11 inches). His distinctive feature is his Dreadlocks hairdo.

Daniel briefly attended Christian high school in Oshawa, and during tenth grade, he failed choir class. The 23-years-old singer later got expelled from the school after selling two grams of weed to his friend.

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Net Worth- Now

From the journey as homeless to superstar, Daniel Caesar has gained a vast reputation in the music industry and also earned net worth from his singing career. His first EP in 2014 became an instant hit where Rolling Stone named it as one of the top R&B albums of the year. By the year 2016, he became a mainstream artist with a song Get You.

Daniel Caesar performs live on a music video of 'Get You' (Photo: YouTube)

His gig eventually reached in the U.S. where Daniel booked 700-capacity Echoplex stadium at his concert in Los Angeles for a price of $14. With his emerging talent, Daniel is now set to earn big bucks from his upcoming July concert where he will be touring in the countries like Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, and the United States. His one of the upcoming concert is at Festival d'été de Québec 2019 in QC, Canada on 4 July 2019.

At present, Daniel Caesar success in the music indeed resembles that he is enjoying a chunk of fortune; however, the total value of his net worth is still under the review.