Danny Duncan Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Facts

Born on 27 July 1992, the YouTuber hails from Englewood, Florida, USA and he holds an American nationality...His most popular videos like Falling With 30,000 Pennies and Surprising My Sister With A New Car...stimated YouTube revenue of about $97.4K - $1.6 million per annum...

Danny Duncan Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Facts

YouTube fans might recognize the Vlogger Danny Duncan famous for his skateboarding and prank videos on his channel. He is also a comedian, actor, and a musician by profession. 

Growing up as an active athlete, he rose to the limelight when his first hit Going Down Stairs on Hoverboard, where he tries to go downstairs on a hoverboard, went viral.

Wiki- Birthday, Family

Born on 27 July 1992, the YouTuber hails from Englewood, Florida, USA and he holds an American nationality. On physical features, he stands at the height of 1.78m(5ft 10 inch) with the slim-build body.

Danny's parents are separated from each other. However, the reason for the split and when the pair split is still under review.

After the split, his mother, Sue Duncan, raised him along with a sister and a half-brother Matthew. Duncan is very close with his family and often features them on his social media.

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Probably, Duncan has got inspired by his mother, which is why he often gushes that he wanted to support his mother in any way possible. In 2017, he fulfilled one of his lifetime dreams, which was buying a house to his mom.

Danny smiling with his mother Sue(Photo: Danny's Facebook)

Not to forget, Danny even gifted his sister a car in July 2017 on the occasion of his birthday. There’s no doubt his family love, support him and sometimes even part of his funny vines.

Net Worth

Danny launched his YouTube channel on 6 March 2014 and began posting videos on skateboarding and precaution & aftermath of related injury in the sports. During the year, he was hired to train actor Jason Lee, who noticed his sarcastic sense of humor and advised him to use it to build his fan base.

After that, he started collaborating videos with his friend, a fellow YouTuber Christopher Chan and posting funny skits as well. Besides that, Danny has his own line of merchandise Virginity Rocks which he launched in 2017.

From his successful career, the Englewood-native has undoubtedly collected immense fan following and probably might have summoned chunk of change. From his successful Vlogging with over 2 Million subscribers and his own line of merchandise Virginity Rocks, he has attracted considerable wealth in his life as well. He is reported to earn the estimated YouTube revenue of about $97.4K - $1.6 million per annum.

Apart from that, Danny has also performed and toured around the world. His first-ever tour started on 13 July 2018 started from Los Angeles which covered cities like New York, Dallas, and Nashville. Eventually, after covering some significant towns, the tour ended in Chicago on 2 August 2018.

Despite his career success, his net worth as of 2019, is still under review.

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Danny's Dating Life

Like most of the internet's phenomenons, Danny has kept most of the details of his dating life in the shadows away from the media spotlight. However, on his Twitter post, he did reveal that he had only two relationships so far in his lifetime, and it lasted for two years.

One of his girlfriends whom he dated in the time frame of 2013, used to work at a pizza restaurant.

However, at present, the internet sensation has never been indulged in rumors or gossip for having affairs. As of now, the new updates on his dating life are obscure.

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Facts About Danny

Here are some interesting facts you shouldn't miss about Danny;

  • His most popular videos like Falling With 30,000 Pennies and Surprising My Sister With A New Car have over 23 Million and 9  Million views respectively.
  • He started his Vlogging career after he quit working at Walgreens after high-school.
  • Danny's got over 1 Million followers on Instagram and more than 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, Danny Duncan