David Wolfe Wiki, Wife, Net Worth

By Oshil Pokhrel | Updated On: 05 Feb, 2019
David Wolfe Wiki, Wife, Net Worth

In this modern era where people's gastrointestinal tract has adopted in such a way that the chemistry of their digestive enzymes seeks the junk and cooked foods, one man has stepped up challenging the natural mechanism of his digestive system. Raw food advocate David Wolfe, who is a manager of Sacred Chocolate, follows veganism and is a product spokesperson.

For some, David may be the guy who is making the mockery of cooked-foods by promoting pseudoscience, but in reality, he is trying to push the excellent benefits of raw foodism towards people with his scientific and factual beliefs. 

Who Is David Wolfe? His Wiki And Facts

David Wolfe is an American author and product spokesman who has been an advocate of raw food for more than two decades. During his exploration of various diets, the product spokesman discovered that consuming a raw-food can make a person healthy. Mostly, he eats raw foods that consist of raw-eggs and organic animal products.

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According to one of the articles scribbled by The Outline titled 'David Avocado Wolfe Is The Biggest Asshole In The Multiverse,' David got diagnosed with lactose intolerance during his teenage that led him to follow veganism. The site claimed that his expertise on raw foods is 'not a science' but just 'a marketing fuckery.'

He is the 'Sideshow Bob-haired, blender-hawking alternative-health guru' who describes himself as a 'Rock Star and Indiana Jones of the superfood universe,' as per The Outline. The New York-based digital website claims that 'David is full of shit' and has a 'Gwyneth Paltrow fever dream.'

Some of the intriguing facts you may want to know about American author and product spokesman David Wolfe are:

  • His nickname is David 'Avocado' Wolfe and was born on 6 August 1970. He grew up in his family home in San Diego, California, and later graduated with a degree in mechanical and environmental engineering and political science from the University of California Santa Barbara. After graduation, David studied law at the University of San Diego, as per wiki.
  • David is one of the authors of his best-selling books like Naked Chocolate, Chaga: King of the Medicinal Mushrooms, and The Sunfood Diet Success System. Due to his immense success, he appeared in films and documentaries like Hungry for Change, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days, and The Frequency of Genius.

Is David Wolfe Married Or Has A Girlfriend?

David is an unmarried guy who once tweeted labeling his relationship status as 'Avocado.' Rather than spewing the beans regarding his romantic life, the raw-food advocate is the one who prefers to share some of the tips of becoming healthy without eating cooked foods. He yet has not got any plans to make any lady his wife.

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In fact, during Valentine's Day in February 2017, David tweeted stating his relationship status as 'Chocolate.' He advertised the price of eight raw chocolate hearts for a cost of $67.67.

(Photo: Twitter)

David once mentioned that he had a girlfriend with whom he hanged around after 25 years in September 2011. He described the moment as 'Reminiscing' and they experienced an 'indescribable high.'

David Wolfe's Net Worth And Earnings!

David, age 48, summons the net worth as an American author and product spokesman. On his website The Body Mind Institute, he charges $499 for the raw nutrition course and $100 for the advice on the raw-food diets. Apart from that, David earns some hard cash as a manager of Sacred Chocolate and has remained affiliated to the company Longevity Warehouse.

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In March 2011, the University of California Santa Barbara alum sued his former company Sunfood for using his name illegally on Facebook. He demanded more than $10 million for the repair damages, but the court did not provide a decision in his favor.