Dexter Jackson Net Worth, Wife, Family, Diet

Dexter ranked 4th place in Mr. Olympia and also achieved the 2012 Masters Olympia...Beating 13 other professionals, Dexter is estimated to have a bulk net worth of $7 million....Jackson married Gale Elie, who is also a fitness freak and has a baby girl...Dexter was born on Jacksonville, FL on 25 November 1969. So, as of now, his age is 50 years....

Dexter Jackson Net Worth, Wife, Family, Diet

Dexter Jackson is renowned for his physical presentations and popular as his stage name The Blade. He is an IFBB professional bodybuilder and the most title winner among those competitors in the field.

What's more? Jackson is the winner of 2008 Mr. Olympia and the Ironman Pro Invitational. At the age of 20, the 49-year-old man stepped into the arena of bodybuilding.


Nicknamed The Blade, Dexter Jackson is popular for the most title winner in bodybuilding history. He has won the original Arnold Classic five times in the year 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013 and 2015. He is the 3rd winner of 2007 Mr. Olympia and bounced back winning the whole title in 2008.

Also, in 2012, Dexter ranked 4th place in Mr. Olympia and also achieved the 2012 Masters Olympia the same year. Besides, he won an open IFBB pro show at the age of 46 in 2015 and ranked himself in the fifth oldest bodybuilder overall. Not only that, but he is also a winner of 2016 record-setting 28 IFBB professional bodybuilding titles and made a record-setting 18 Mr. Olympia in 2018.

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Apart from that, Jackson is one of the bodybuilders who have won both Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic bodybuilding competitions among only three bodybuilders in history.

Before bodybuilding, the Jacksonville-native was involved in sports like football and baseball until he figured out his passion in his early twenties. Later after years of training, in 1999, he finally competes professionally in Arnold Classic, Night of Champions and Mr. Olympia where he stood 7th, 3rd and 9th respectively.

Net Worth

Dexter Jackson is enlisted in the 7th rank in the list of 2019th richest bodybuilder. Shocking right? Beating 13 other professionals, Dexter is estimated to have a bulk net worth of $7 million which credits his massive number of titles and his participants in over 85 professionals' competitions throughout his bodybuilding career.

However, his net worth is not limited to $7million, besides the athletic career, he also earns the revenue from YouTube channel, where he posts his workouts technique, provides productive diet and bodybuilding tips. Besides, Jackson has also got featured in bodybuilding and fitness articles and magazines. Not to forget, he was shot in his documentary based film name Dexter Jackson, released in 2009.

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Who Is Dexter's wife? His Family

Jackson got married to his ladylove named Gale Elie, who is also a fitness freak, health coach and a certified trainer. Not much is known about the pair; however, from the look of their Instagram post, the loveduo has been together since 2004.

Bodybuilder Dexter along with his wife, Gale. (Source: Dexter's Instagram)

Together, the pair were blessed with a daughter, a baby girl Celine on 5 June 1999. Gale is not only an amazing wife but is also a wonderful mother. In fact, Dexter and Gale nurture their two other children, Myah, and djaxcity (Instagram name). Dexter is thankful for his wife, who is bestowing her love for the kids though she is not a biological mom. As for the baby mama, Jackson has remained mum.

Glancing at their social media, the family seems quite close and attached. His daughter Myah recently got married in March 2019 where all family members were present.

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Bio- Family, Workout & Diet

Dexter was born on Jacksonville, FL on 25 November 1969. So, as of now, his age is 50 years. In the family, his father Willie Jackson is the FAMU Head Football Coach. As for his mom, her birthday falls on every 20th of April.

Since Dexter has a wide, muscular appearance with a height of 5’ 5” and weight around 93-102 kg, he is assumed to have a really hard and strong workout schedule.

However, Dexter prefers to keep it simple but a productive one. His pre-contest schedules are also not much tough as speculated. He has weekly workout routines where he skips Saturday and Sunday. His overall workout is not more than 3-4 sets that include only 8-15 reps at a time. Starting from Quads workout, his rest of training drill consists of the chest, & calves, Back and shoulders & hams, biceps & triceps.