Ester Dean Net Worth, Gay, Dating, Family

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 06 Sep, 2019
Ester Dean Net Worth, Gay, Dating, Family

The life story of Ester Dean is not unlike any fairytales or miracles but about strong willpower and ambition. Born in a middle-class family to a single mother, no one had hope that Easter would be a renowned pop singer of Hollywood today. 

She was raised in poverty with no proper facilities or upbringing. So to kill the pain and sorrow, she used to enroll with music and songs writings which later became her greatest strength. 

Net Worth

Ester had left her home when she was only 20 years with just $500 in her pocket. Despite that, she fought with every bit to pursue her career in singing. Thankfully, her continuous effort was noticed by music producer Tricky Stewart, who later signed her to a publishing deal and provided her way to the stardom. She even earned the name as 'The Song Factory.'

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It is inspiring to know that the girl who once had left her home with just $500, today has a massive net worth of $24 million, with her successful musical and acting careers. Moreover, she also has luxurious houses to which she sells through real estate at the most favorable prices.

Till today, she has sold two of her lavish houses, her Oxford Triangle condominium for $1.349 million in 2017 and her Mediterranean style home in Palos Verdes Estates for $3.5 million in 2018. 

Is She Gay?

Ester Dean, the BET award winner, is not only open about her struggles and careers but is also open about her private life.

She has openly revealed her sexuality as gay. In an interview with the US Magazine in 2012, she told that she would turn a lesbian in 2015. Furthermore, Ester stated that she has crushes on gay guys.

Later in an interview with Mic in May of 2015, she narrated herself as a black gay woman and stated:

"I'm black, gay and a woman. That line is what it is: I am black, I am a woman and if I wanted to be a lesbian today or tomorrow, I could be. But that's not what determines a person or who they are."

Additionally, she also played the role of a gay in the film Pitch Perfect to which she has no regret, and moreover, she seems proud oh her role in the movie.

Dating Anyone?

Easter could attract anyone with her hypnotizing voice and attractive personality. However, she still enjoyed some good dating advice from her closest friend and the queen of Hollywood, Beyonce. She has openly stated that Beyonce helped her to figure out what does she want in a guy and therefore she referred her to use some dating apps like

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Ester Dean with her friends Kelly and Monica (Photo:

However, despite the tips and advice, Ester failed to find a man through the online dating site. But she does admit that Beyonce’s information has helped her to open up with people. At present, the relationship status of Ester is unknown, but as per VH1, she was dating some mysterious guy in 2015. 

Bio & Family

Ester Dean was born on 15 December 1986 in Oklahoma USA as the youngest daughter among the five children. Her single mother Hester raised her as her father died when she was a child. Due to poor status, her family was unable to provide her excellent upbringing; as a result, she learns struggles and pains at her young age. 

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It was her poverty that gave her the strength to face off the struggles and obstacles on her way. Overcoming all of them today, Ester has become a proud daughter and a sister. The singer hailing from black ethnicity stands an average height of 5’3” weighing 148 pounds.