Gaby Dunn Wiki, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 15 Nov, 2019
Gaby Dunn Wiki, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Family

What a mindblowing profile does Gaby Dunn hold? She holds multiple reputed professions with high acclaimed stints. Gaby is a comedian, a journalist, actress, social activist, and not the least, a blogger. She is well known for producing the web series Just Between Us alongside her best friend and partner, Allison Raskin. 

Also, her excellent career has a record of working for the esteemed American media company Buzzfeed. Her tumbler blog 100interviews got tilted with The Best Blog by the Village Voice in 2010. Not to forget, she is also a writer known for Please Send 2019. 

Gaby Dunn’s Wiki And Family

Gaby was born on 1 June 1988 in Florida to her parents, whose information is yet to disclose in public. However, regardless of her parents’ hidden details, it is acknowledged from Gaby’s social post that her parents are very supportive, and she shares a close relationship with her parents. Besides that, all that is known about her family is her younger sister Cheyenne Dunn. Cheyenne, despite being younger than Gaby, she takes care of her sister and also shares a close friendly relationship with her.

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Gaby, who used to be irresponsible during her teenage, is now fully grown up and career-oriented. She has achieved numerous professions already. She also has garnered an established recognition as well as many awards and acclamations. Her podcast Bad With Money became so succesful that it got enlisted as one of the top ten podcasts by The Newyork Times in 2016.

Additionally, Gaby and her partner written and produced YouTube channel Just Between Us have now been viewed by more than 150 million times. But the venture doesn’t end here. The duo associated novel I hate Everyone, But You became the bestseller in The New York Times

Girlfriend? Is Gaby a Lesbian?

Unlike others, Gaby is not insecure about her sexuality. Moreover, she announces the world that she is a bisexual. Even her Twitter bio represents her as a professional bisexual with a symbol of pride.

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As a bisexual, Gaby shares her romance with Mal Blum, who is also a musician and a writer like Gaby. As open Gaby is about her gender, she is also equally open about her dating life with Mal. However, it is not known since when the duo starting budding their romance but Gaby had first posted a picture of them together on her Instagram on 23 June 2019. 

Gaby Dunn first posted a picture of her beloved Mal Blum on 23. (Photo: Instagram)

At present, Gaby is happily taken by Mal, but she once had a controversy with Hellen Rosevelt in the past October 2018. The two were spotted passionately kissing eachother on Gaby’s Instagram.

On the other side, Hallen had also posted a picture with Gaby on his Instagram on 7 October 2018. Before Hallen, she was also speculated to have had dated Steph Froschduring August 2017 as per Steph’s tweets of 9 August 2017.

Gaby’s Net Worth

Gaby’s podcast Bad With Money helped her garnered so much fortune that it took only a few years for once debt of $32K Gaby, to become a finance icon. 

After extreme finance mistakes, Gaby had a debt of $32k loan, and taking a radical move was only the option left for her. Luckily, she started a personal finance podcast Bad With Money which provides advice from perspectives who was or is wrong with money. In just three years, the podcast got downloaded for 4 million times. She accumulated $150K advance for her accompanying book, Bad With Money, and also got featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair on Today show. 

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Gaby has authored two more books I Hate Everyone, But You and Please Send Help whose prices are quite considerable, unlike other ordinary books. I Hate Everyone But You has a rate of $19.95 while Please Send Help’s price is $20.75.