Gil Bates Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Wife

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 23 Aug, 2019
Gil Bates Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Family, Wife

Gil Bates is popular for his appearance in the family reality series Bringing Up Bates which is featured in UpTV including all his family members. The show is 2015 debuted reality show visualizing the living styles of Gilvin Bates and his wife alongside their 19 children.

But not to forget, Gil didn’t just get the role of Bates patriarch in the show but was already famous for being the father of 19 kids. He has also appeared in the United Bates of America.

Wiki & Bio

The 54-years-old reality star Gil Bates, whose real name is Gilvin Bates, was born on 1 January 1965 in the United States. He was raised in South Carolina.

Growing up in a Christain family, Bates joined Methodist churches and later became a Christian ministry. He continues to serve as a Christian ministry until he joined college at Anderson. Apart from this, not much information about Gilvin is known including his early life, his parents and his previous job before being a TV star.

However, in 2012, Gil and his family opened their own church.

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Net Worth

The reality star family owns a family church where Gil serves as a pastor. Before church, they had a construction business where they would cut the trees and then sold them to the community in east Tennessee. 

At present, being the whole family involved in the popular reality TV show, they might probably earn the fruitful amounts of income. However, it is quite strange that they have not disclosed the net worth of a single person from the entire family of 21 members. It has been reported that the family of 21 members resides together in a house of 5-bedroom in rural Tennessee.

Family- Wedding

Gil and his wife Kelley first met when they both were at the same college in Anderson. According to one of Gil interviews, It was an immediate impression when he first saw Kelly, while on the other hand, Kelly didn’t even notice Gil until they were assigned to work together.

Since the couple was destined to be a husband and wife, they eventually started dating in 1987. It was none other than Gil, who proposed Kelley at first. Just after a year of dating, the pair decided for wedding and tied a knot in 1988.

Couple: Parents of 19 children, Father Gilvin Bates, and Mother Kelly Bates. ( Photo: 

Ever since the married pair have been relishing over three decades of their wedding.


After their blissful wedding, Gil and his spouse Kelly were enjoying the dual life for few periods. Initially, they had no plan to have children and even cherished their life as a family of two.

But just a few months after their wedding, Kelly got pregnant, and the heartthrob couple got blessed with their first child Zachary Gilvin in December 1988. 

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Even after Zachary, the agnosticism pair did not use birth control as they thought it was god will for the number of babies they are going to have. As a result, the couple ended up having 19 kids; their children were born annually or not exceeding three years gap. Apart from their 19 youngsters, it was reported that Kelly faced a miscarriage in 2012 with her youngest child.

As of now, their first child Zachary including his other siblings Michael, Erin Elise, Alyssa Joy, Tori Layne, Carlin, and Josie are married; however, detail about their remaining kids are not available.

TV Shows

Bringing up Bates is formed with the Bates family including father Gil and mother Kelly with their 19 children aging from 7 years to 31 years. All the Bates members are a part of the TV show which displays how the family of 21 members resides together, what complications they face and how they solve the problem. The shows convey the required harmony needed in not only the family but in the world as well. 

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At present, the series is in season 6. However, season 4 was quite controversial when Gilvin Bates first announced that he will undergo surgery. Apart from that, Gil Bates also starred in the TV show United Bates of America, back in 2012.