Greg Cipes Girlfriend, Married, Gay, Family

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 03 Sep, 2019
Greg Cipes Girlfriend, Married, Gay, Family

Morning shows the day! The quote justifies the success of Greg Cipes, who has always excelled at whatever he kept his hands on. He has proven his worthiness since an early age. With his versatile voice acting qualities, Greg secures his way as one of the most sought-after voice-over artists in Hollywood today.

Prominently, Greg is known for his role in the animated characters on Teen Titans Go and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 

Dating Girlfriend?

Love dating affairs regarding Greg Cipes are secretive and are out of the media reach. He has not remained vocal about his possible relationship with girlfriend nor has he given the bright side of his romance.

The only time he uttered the word girlfriend publicly was addressing his fellow voice actress Ashley Johnson as his cartoon girlfriend.

Greg Cipes with his so-called cartoon girlfriend, Ashley Johnson (Photo: Ashley Johnson Twitter)

Luckily, he fills his romance-void by directing his affection towards animals. As it seems, Greg adores his dog and also involves in animal adoption, rescue, and education vocations. In one of the tweet, he has even started his dog, WingmanG as his Valentines Day in 2016.

As of now, Cipes possesses a low-key lifestyle and is yet to get married.

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Bio (Age)- Height & Family

Greg Cipes was born to Geoff Cipes(father) and Robin Mrasek(mother) on 4 January 1980. His real name is Gregory Michael Cipes and was grown up in Coral Springs, Florida with his nine siblings.

These days, the artist tours with his band and continues his voice acting career simultaneously.

Also, as a professional surfer, he occasionally treats himself a ride on the waves. Besides that. He involves himself as a social activist with tweets favoring gay marriage, abortion rights, and civil rights. His 5 feet 9 inches tall height might be considered average, but there are no height limits for greatness.    

Net Worth - 2019

Greg Cipes's enthusiasm for acting can be credited to his theatre influenced grandparents and a professional TV director father. He first debuted at the age of 13 in the production The Rothschild’s. At 16, he composed and self-produced his album with under the band name Cipes and the People.

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As of now, Greg has starred in over 30 movies, but his dominance lies in the voice acting industry. He is considered the crowned prince of the voiceover sector.

He voices famous animated characters like Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2012), Beast Boy in Teens Titans go!(2013), and Kevin Levin in Ben 10 Alien Force(2008).

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With over 100 credits to his name, the actor is worth of his stardom and finances. Alongside success, the multi-talented artist indeed has brought a chunk of money to his home. He has an estimated net worth of $3 million.

Apart from his earning, Cipes has kept his Los Angeles house on sale with a price tag of $1.695 million.