Hila Klein Wiki: Wedding, Husband, Relationship, Family, Height, Ethnicity

If you guys have ever gone through Hila's channel and her videos on YouTube, then you must have figured out half of her personal as well as professional life. Undoubtedly, she is sensational YouTuber who has gained popularity alongside her husband, Ethan Klein, for their self-titled YouTube Channel where they upload pranks and comedy videos.

Hila Klein Wiki: Wedding, Husband, Relationship, Family, Height, Ethnicity

Hila Klein is a co-host of the comedy YouTube channel, h3h3Productions. She has become YouTube sensational and has garnered popularity alongside her husband, Ethan Klein, The duo is known for their second YouTube Channel 'Ethan and Hila'. Their YouTube channel has racked over 2.1 million subscribers in which they upload pranks and comedy videos along with various vlogs.

Husband Hinted Their Wedding Date; Their Relationship Details

Hila Klein's wedding pictures have emerged five years after she tied the knot with Ethan Klein. Her husband, Ethan, is a famous YouTuber known for his channel h3h3Productions. He tweeted their photo on 10 October 2017 and captioned their image as 'Five Years Ago Today.' The YouTube star hinted that the duo had their wedding on 10 October 2012. 

Hila Klein and her husband, Ethan Klein's wedding throwback photo posted on 10th October 2017 (Photo: Twitter)

Since their marriage, Hila has appeared on her husband's YouTube videos on h3h3Productions channel. The married couple shares their relationship talks on their YouTube videos. Their YouTube video, 'The Dine Bros Rant' has accumulated over 3 million video views. The duo also has a second YouTube channel titled 'Ethan and Hila.'

Hila and her husband released their first reaction video of the video poem "Girls Who Read" in November 2013. The duo named their channel as "h3h3". Her primary focus in creating a YouTube channel called h3h3 was to make reaction videos. From the beginning, she was the camerawoman for h3h3.

Hila and Ethan first met each other in Israel, where Ethan was on his trip. Shortly, they became very close friends, and they flourished their relationship. The duo is together since 2011. They are now rejoicing their nearly six years of espoused life residing in Isreal.

Gathered Fame At The Age Of 27; Shares Mixed Ethnicity Of Her Family

Hila Klein was at the age of 27 when she featured herself in the How to Kiss reaction video in June of 2014. She then made her YouTuube video The Fine Bros Rant and alone her video garnered over 3 million views. Hila’s channel has gained a reputation for criticizing certain Internet trends and personalities as well as the policies of YouTube itself.

She often comments on or participates in online controversies, for instance with SoFloAntonio. Many of those controversies are related to "social justice warriors," which is a playlist on the channel referred to as a "Cult of Outrage." On March 21st, 2016, h3h3 uploaded "Vape Nation," a video making fun of vaping culture, where Ethan buys an electronic cigarette, smokes it in public, and in front of the set of ABC7NY's Eyewitness News.

Hila also won the Cinematographer of the Year Award for her camera work in 'THE DJ KHALED DOCUMENTARY' on 30 January 2016. She also works as a producer and propmaster on JonTron's YouTube videos.

Her family consists of Libyan-Jewish descent father and Turkish-Jewish descent mother. So, she shares the mixed ethnicity as Sephardic Jews of her parents.

Short Bio

Hila Klein, born in 1987 in Holon, Israel has her birthday on 12 December. She graduated from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel, as per wiki. Hila has the height of 1.77 m (5' 8") and posses birth sign as Sagittarius. 

Last Updated On: 6 July 2018