IceJJFish New Album, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

He, who was born in 1994, celebrates his birthday on the 30th of July. IceJJFish is currently 25 years old....Daniel grew up in his grandmother’s home after his mother and father got divorced....had a girlfriend who cheated on him.... has a height of 6.0’ feet (self-proclaimed)... AM GAY, but I am happy. I have a boyfriend, and he has treated...

IceJJFish New Album, Girlfriend, Family, Net Worth

The music scene has given a chance to several artists. Musicians tend to specify their preferred genre and try to share their artistry via their craft. Amongst all, the hip-hop and rap genre, being one of the sought-after sources of entertainment, have brought several artists under its wings. This brings us to the name Ice JJ Fish.

IceJJFish, whose real name is Daniel McLoyd, became one of the internet sensations after his hit single On The Floor released in 2014. His specialty lies in his intentional bad vocals.

Wiki- Family Info

Although people recognize him by the name of Ice JJ Fish, the American rapper was born with Daniel McLoyd as his real name. He, who was born in 1994, celebrates his birthday on the 30th of July. IceJJFish is currently 25 years old. He hails from Aurora, Illinois which makes him an American native.

The young stud has a height of 6.0’ feet (self-proclaimed).

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Ice’s family background seems to be somewhat of a big puzzle that got its pieces separated. However, his tweets reveal a lot about his family. On inspection of the media shares, we can conclude that Daniel grew up in his grandmother’s home after his mother and father got divorced. The specific date of the split was unclear, but he had stated that he even had to live in his mother’s boyfriend’s house when he was 16.

His current relationship with his kins is not what the fans would like to hear. He has three brothers but doesn’t talk to them or his father. According to Daniel, his brothers do not speak to him because they thought their upbringing was not just fair. They blame their parents for keeping Daniel at a high priority and neglecting other siblings.

Daniel, of course, denies the allegations but we have yet to hear their side of the story before concluding.


On the topic of his personal life, we again have to go back to his tweets. From the looks of it, Daniel is single to this day. In 2019, he shared on his tweet that he had a girlfriend who cheated on him.

He concluded, “Girls are demons” because of his girlfriend trying to cover up her blunder by texting him fake love messages after the incident.

Daniel talking about his ex-girlfriend (Photo: Daniel Tweet)

His recent tweets indicate his search for the perfect partner. He stated that he would instead make music for his wife than for the world. Inferring from his February post, we can conclude that he had a lonely Valentine this year. Maybe girls are still skeptical of the rapper of being supposedly gay. Gay? Well, the incident of March in 2017 might have tainted the rapper’s masculinity issues.

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Let’s recall the incidents that led to his homosexual allegations. His Instagram and Facebook accounts got simultaneously hacked by someone anonymous. On breaching, the hacker posted the following statement  that crushed several female fan’s hearts:

"I AM GAY, but I am happy. I have a boyfriend, and he has treated me better than any female has," 

The rapper later brought the false statements to just and reassured fans that he had been a victim of hacking. Surprisingly, he didn’t deny the homosexual part. 

Net Worth- Albums

Daniel rose to fame with his YouTube videos. He stepped on his success ladder with his single On the Floor which made its way to the Top 100 songs list and earned him platinum certification. A few years of grind and Daniel was offered a deal he couldn’t deny. He was approached by Young Money Record Label which is the home for Hip-Hop megastars like Lil Wayne (who signed Stephanie Acevedo on Young Money Label), Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Birdman.

After the contract, IceJJFish shared a happy moment with the fans on a tweet that read, "We made it."

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Coming to the income, his noted contract with the Young Money awarded him $3 million at the time. Apart from that, socialblade estimated his yearly income from YouTube between $2.8K and $44.3K. His 2019 earnings expanded with his new album release by the name My First Love. The album consists of 5 songs which got well appreciated among the fans.

But a specific event this year shook some of his fans. So what happened? The beloved rapper had some pretty harsh things to say about black people and those of African origins.

And mind you, he is a back person by all means. His tweets were full of false accusations towards black people. He reportedly called them murderers, violence addicted, promoters of illegal sex, and even added that he was ashamed of being a person of the same race.