Ilyne Nash Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Dez Bryant, Family

By Pranish Sumsher Thapa | Updated On: 09 Jul, 2019
Ilyne Nash Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Dez Bryant, Family

Ilyne Nash is a staff of Bella Rosa Consignment located in Granbury, Texas, where she sales the items, from clothing to furniture. She first came to limelight after her relationship with National Football League (NFL) player Desmond Demond Bryant.

Their tumultuous relationship has been the reason which is making Nash a center of attention for quite some time. To know the exclusive facts about Ilyne, continue reading!

Controversies With Boyfriend; Children!

IIyne Nash became the popular face because of her relationship with famous National Football League (NFL) player Desmond Demond Bryant, also known as Dez Bryant. The pair’s troublesome relationship made the headlines quite a few numbers of times. 

The 2011th incident caught fire on the internet and brought a public controversy when Bryant was rumored to be involved in a Walmart parking lot incident on 11 July 2011 and was reportedly caught in the video. Bryant allegedly dragged IIyne from one car to another. As per Huff Post, Nash affirmed that she got a fight with a guy named Alex Penson and was not injured in any way.

As for the video, it never surfaced, but the rumor did take its toll on Byrant’s career as he was ousted from his Dallas Cowboys team after which he joined the New Orleans Saints team.

The love-duo got into another controversy in 2013- a girl named Briana Hooks supposedly posted pictures of her alongside Bryant on her Twitter account. After which rumors started circulating that Bryant was dating both Hooks and Nash at the same time. But neither of them spoke out about the stories, and it eventually fazed out over time.

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Despite several controversies along the way, their relationship has bored them bundles of joys. The pair share two children, Dez Jr (born on June 25, 2010) and Isabella Rose (born on December 5, 2015).

IIyne, along with her two children. (Photo:

Her partner, Byrant, also has a son named Zayne from his previous relationship.

Net Worth

When it comes to IIyne’s personal life, very little is known because she only came into prominence after her relationship with Byrant began. Other than the fact, she is a mother to her kids, very little is known as to what she does outside of her home. 

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Nash earns the prominent part of the income as being a staff of Bella Rosa Consignment in Granbury, Texas. It features a handful of different resale items, from clothing to furniture. So when it comes to her net worth, an exact sum is tough to make out.

But taking into consideration, her partner Dez has an estimated net worth of about $4 million, she could share some of it. And as for her, the net worth could well be in the range of thousands.

Wiki & Bio

IIyne Nash was born in 1986 in Killeen, Texas. She blows the birthday candle on the 27th of July every year. Being born in America, she holds American nationality and is of African-American ethnicity.

Nash enrolled at Robert M.Shoemaker High School for her high school education. Later, she earned a BA degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Texas.

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Her family includes herself and her parents, Roosevelt Nash Jr and Kyong Lee.

As for her height, although the exact measurement seems uncertain, a look into her pictures show that she stands an average height for a woman.