Irene Choi Bio, Married, Family, Net Worth

By Oshil Pokhrel | Published On: 04 Nov, 2019
Irene Choi Bio, Married, Family, Net Worth

Asian actors/actresses are nowadays imprinting themselves in the Hollywood industry. They are providing the messages to the upcoming Asian artists, "It doesn't matter if you are brown, white, or black. All it matters is your knack and natural aptitude for acting."

One of such people is American actress Irene Choi, who is of Asian descent. She reached the soar of her career success with her brilliant acting ability in several TV shows and movies like Community, Mozart in the Jungle, Fifty Shades of Black, and Insatiable.

Bio(Age)- Height

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Irene Choi was born on the 15th of November, in the year 1992. The TV actress is a skilled martial artist and can speak in Boston as well as a Southern accent. Apart from that, Irene is fluent in the Korean language.

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She pursued her education at Harvard University and has earned a Bachelors's degree in Psychology. While at the college, the 27-years-old actress played violin in Harvard Orchestra and was in an all-girl rock band. She was also a DJ for the college radio station.

On the matter of physical attributes, Irene has a height of 5 feet and weighs around 95 lbs. The LA born-lady, Irene, holds American nationality, but her ethnicity is that of Asian descent.

Dating, Married?

Irene Choi is pretty much secretive when it comes to unveiling the romantic chapters of her affairs or dating life. But one thing is beyond doubt- there are no records of the TV actress having a significant other. So, as of now, Irene is yet to get married.

On the contrary, Irene's romantic fling in the reel is quite remarkable for her on-screen relationship with Daniel Choi on Netflix's Insatiable. The former member of South-Korean boy band Wanna One, Daniel Kang, portrayed the role of Irene's on-screen boyfriend.

Behind the camera, Irene and Daniel are close friends, and there is no romantic association brewing between them.

In fact, the rumors hit the K-Pop world hard in August of 2019 after tabloids claimed Daniel was dating South-Korean girl band TWICE's singer Park Ji-Hyo. They got spotted on numerous occasions, but both have yet to confirm their relationship speculations.


Irene comes from an immigration background- her Asian parents had immigrated to the United States. While growing up in California, the TV actress enjoyed watching The Simpsons and admits that her parents didn't quite understand the American humor behind the cartoon.

Also, Irene has clearly stated in her September 2018 interview with that she hadn't inherited her American sense of humor from her parents. It was the thing she acquired on her own- while becoming fond of American culture.

It doesn't mean Irene has forgotten her Asian heritage. The LA native feels proud of inheriting the Asian blood of her mother, whom she describes as her best friend.

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Childhood Throwback: Irene Choi with her Asian mother (Photo: Irene's Twitter)

Also, in the family, Irene has a sibling brother, whose birthday falls on the 7th of September. One of the interesting facts is that their birthday is only days apart, and their supportive parents had managed to throw them separate birthday parties.

Net Worth

Irene likely procures fruitful earnings and net worth, all thanks to her career in the Hollywood industry. Her involvement in the movies and TV shows added the chunk of change to her fortune.

Amongst all her acting stints, her portrayal in the blockbuster movies The Perfect Guy is the most promising. The film even grossed $41.5 million in the box office.

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Apart from that, her long-time appearances in TV series like Wilfred (2011 to 2014), Community (2009 to 2015), 2 Broke Girls (2011 to 2017), and CSI: Cyber (2015 to 2016) have undoubtedly served her to earn some hefty-paychecks.

Despite featuring on such prominent TV shows and movies, it is quite saddening to know her profits, liabilities, and salaries are not disclosed at the moment.

(Note: Payscale roughly estimates the average salary of an American actor/actress is $50,529 per year. Being in the Hollywood scene since 2009, Irene likely is receiving more than the average payrolls from her decade long stint.)