Jen Harley Wiki, Age, Job, Arrest- Everything About Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Ex

The limelight inevitably drags you out of your solitude if you are linked with any celebrity stars. Jen Harley is known as the former girlfriend of Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. She is also known for her foul behaviors and multiple arrests for domestic violence and traffic violation. Jen is also popular for appearing on Family Vacation along with her former boyfriend. Jen is also known for her fight incident with Ronnie on 24 June 2018 having bruises and cut.

Jen Harley Wiki, Age, Job, Arrest- Everything About Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Ex

Quick Information

  • Date of Birth 1987
  • Nationality American
  • Profession TV Personality
  • Marital Status Single
  • Husband/Spouse Not Yet
  • Divorced Not Yet
  • Boyfriend/Dating Ronnie Ortiz-Magro(2017, Split)
  • Gay/Lesbian No
  • Net Worth $3 Million(Estimated)
  • Ethnicity White
  • Social Media Instagram
  • Children/Kids Ariana Skye(Daughter), Mason (Son)
  • Height N/A

The limelight inevitably drags you out of your solitude if you are linked with any celebrity stars. Jen Harley is known as the former girlfriend of Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

She is also known for her foul behaviors and multiple arrests for domestic violence and traffic violation. Jen is also famous for appearing on Family Vacation along with her former boyfriend. Jen is also known for her fight incident with Ronnie on 24 June 2018 having bruises and cut.

Jen Claims Ronnie Tried To Grab Her; Survives Charges

As per the US magazine of 9 July 2018, Jen Harley suffered minor bruizes and scratches along with dried blood on a fight with her boyfriend. She claimed that her ex-boyfriend tried to grab her while she was driving.

She got arrested on 24 June 2018, for alleged domestic battery against her former boyfriend, Ronnie. Reportedly, she dragged him with a car. She got held at the Clark County Detention Center, and her bail was set up for $3,000. The courthouse acquainted Jen of all charges in the base of "Lack of evidence."

Her first legal trouble began in 2007 as per Radar Online. The former girlfriend of Jersey Shore’s star Ronnie got arrested for exposing her nudity in public in Las Vegas. She deliberately became naked in the hot tub, which led to her being charged with lewd and lascivious conduct.

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The police records show that she served prison for assaulting a woman in 2007. Her irresponsible behavior didn’t end there. Jen again went the jail in 2013 for allegedly assaulting her ex-husband.

The angry young woman Jen again faced troubles with the authorities after she was spotted driving without headlights on. This incident led her charged with DUI. She spent two days in jail and completed 69 hours of community service and also attended DUI school for her misconduct. Then in 2016, Jen got arrested for battery and domestic violence against her then-boyfriend.

Splits With Boyfriend Ronnie Ortiz-Magro; Has A Daughter With Him

Jen Harley and Jersey Shore’s actor Ronnie Ortiz started dating in 2017. Reportedly, they developed a romantic relationship in May 2017. They were enjoying the vacation that they took secretly in May that year. Their relationship grabbed the attention of the audience after she uploaded a picture with him in July 2017. 

Jen poses with her then-boyfriend Ronnie for a picture (Photo:

Jen and Ronnie, age 32, announced that they were expecting a child together in December 2017. She was already pregnant when Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was filmed that year. They welcomed their first daughter together Ariana Sky on 3 April 2018.

She had a split from her ex-boyfriend after a public fight. Jen alleged him of cheating on her to another woman Sammy of his show. Ronnie has also accused Jen of being unfaithful and keeping the sex videos of her ex-partner.

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In a public battle on 29 April 2018, they threw insults at each other. Ronnie was first to react and said that he couldn't turn a natural born h*e into a homemaker. In the counter, Jen also said that she couldn't turn a coke head into a father.

The duo also appeared in a physical fight on an Instagram video posted on 30 April 2018. He later apologized for acting irrationally and insulting her moments after deleting the post.

He even dated Sammi Giancola. They were in an on/off relationship for a long time before Jen popped up in his life again.

Jen also has a son named Mason from her previous relationship. However, it is still unclear if she was married or not before giving birth to her son in 2007. The Las Vegas native, Jen often flaunts pictures with her son and their dog pitbull on the social media sites.

The celeb dad is spending more time with his daughter Ariana. His Instagram profile sings his love for his only child. The reality star posed with his adorable kid on Father’s Day and wished for all the fathers out there on 18 June 2018. He also spent his holiday with Ariana on Santa Monica California on 19 June 2018. He captioned the picture that it was her first beach day. The cute little angel was looking spectacular in a cowboy hat.

The Jersey Shore actor also flaunted his daughter’s picture on 19 June 2018. He said that her angry face suggested for her dad to come home after work. He is co-parenting with his former partner, Jen. They are likely settled up for their differences and trying to work for the sake of their child.

The couple is in talking terms now and is looking forward to co-parenting their daughter together as per US Magazine of 2 July 2018. The former couple appeared on an Instagram story of Ronnie in a flag-themed hearts filter on 4 July 2018 and wrote Happy Independence Day.

She even had dinner with her former lover along with her three-month-old daughter on 5 July 2018 in New Jersey. They are taking their relationship to slow this time around.

Back Together And Spending Time With Baby Daughter!

Jen Harley & Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who had split from each other in late April 2018, are reportedly back together in August 2018 and spending time with baby daughter Ariana Sky in Puerto Rico.

She and Ronnie were spotted enjoying the moment together at seashore alongside their four months baby in San Juan and shared the picture with her followers.

Jen Harley & Ronnie Ortiz-Magro with daughter at the beach in Puerto Rico. (Photo: Instagram)

However, Ronnie decided to stay away from his roommate to give time to his daughter and figure out the thing about their vicious fight. In the recent episode in September 2018, he told that he and his girlfriend, Jen, have to spend whole life together so their relationship might be toxic together.

Though Jen and her boyfriend, Ronnie, were trying to figure out their misunderstanding, Jen was upset with Ronnie's fans as they were attacking her with trolls. Moreover, fans mean comments related to her baby girl left her to cry as she is sensitive when it's about her daughter.

Ronnie Accuses Girlfriend Jen Harley Of Bruises On His Face!

Ronnie, who was trying to figure out his misunderstanding and correcting things with his girlfriend Jen, seems to be having trouble in the relationship once again. On Wednesday 24 October 2018, the Jersey Shore star shared a close photo of his face, showing bruises on face and eye in the Instagram story.

Ronnie apologizes his friends and family for lying about an injury (Photo: Instagram Story)

He then captioned the photo and apologized for his friends and family for lying saying:

"Sorry for lying to my friends and family, sometimes u love people so much your willing to lie and the hurt the people that love u the most to protect."

Ronnie even tagged his girlfriend in the IG story. As confirmed by PEOPLE Magazine, Harley’s representative denied telling the real story behind his injury. He said that he didn't have an idea when Ronnie took the photo and how the injury occurred. The incident seemingly gives a reference that Ronnie and his lady, Jen, might be facing a problem in their relationship once again.

Together in 2019?

With the end of 2018, it seems that the pair has once again called off their relationship and are no more together. As confirmed by the E! News on 2 January 2019, Jen has separated with her boyfriend following a considerable blowout on New Year's Eve. The source confirmed that their last few fights are the reason behind their turmoil in the relationship, and they prefer to stay away from each other. TMZ also confirmed that the pair had a nasty fight at a Vegas club before they broke up with each other.

As per sources, Jen and Ronnie had a huge fight, and Jen even threw things on his head. Until the New Year's Eve, the source confirmed that everything was going buttery smooth between the couple, but the words turned violent within no time.

Jen Harley Arrested, Yet Again!

It would be no surprise to know that the drama among Jen and Ronnie is going ahead and has yet not settled.

On the 16th of May 2019, Jen, who is a mother to a one-year-old daughter, was arrested after her ex-Ronnie filed for Domestic Battery Report

Four months after Ronnie filed for a police report for an alleged violent altercation, Jen has been kept behind the bar, and her bail is set at $3000. Reports claim that the incident took place in a Las Vegas Strip Club.

The couple reportedly got into a heated argument about something Jen saw on Ronnie's phone. And thus, began the discussion. Jen is reported to have thrown an ashtray at Ronnie's head, busting his nose and his lip. Her friend restrained Jen.

Following Jen's arrest, Ronnie took to his Instagram story, where he shared a few words and captioned off the photo with the words "Changing is Coming."

2019 Update; On-Off Relationship

In mid-September 2019, Jen and Ronnie, who are recognized for their on-and-off relationship, broke up once again. Mother of a seventeen-year-old daughter, Ariana Sky with Ronnie, Jen moved out of his house. The news of their breakup flaunted after Harley revealed that Ronnie has been spending his time with another girl. As posting a picture of Ronnie with a girl, Harley wrote; 

Is this love or is this a mistake?

However, the sources insisted that Ronnie's infidelity had nothing to do with their separation. 

Despite their reconnection this year, the couple parted their ways. Besides, sources claimed that Ronnie's focus was on his daughter and her well-being and also intended to co-parent her daughter alongside Jen. However, Jen accused him of cheating her. 

On the other hand, Ronnie has his own story. He told that he had not cheated on Jen and the girl with whom he flaunted on social media was one of his friends. Back in July 2019, Ronnie had opened about his rocky relationship. Also, he had revealed that thing between them was going great as he made a change and stopped doing the same thing over and over again.

But, now, it seems like the former love birds are on two sides of the river.

How Does Jen Derive Her Net Worth?

Jen has maintained her professional life low key. She has not disclosed her job or any source of income openly. However, Jen has appeared in an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation which has assisted her in her net worth. However, she enjoyed a lavishing life with her former boyfriend. Ronnie has summoned the net worth of $3 million of his career as a reality star.

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Short Bio

Jen Harley, who currently ages 31, holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. She stands a few inches shorter than her ex-boyfriend Ronnie, who is 1.68 meters (5 feet 6 inches).

As per wiki, she lives a low essential life with her son, Mason, and her daughter, Ariana along with a dog.