Kalen Allen [YouTuber] Wiki, Net Worth, Facts

By Deyan Sunuwar | Updated On: 21 Jun, 2019
Kalen Allen [YouTuber] Wiki, Net Worth, Facts

Everyone is not born with the ability to make people laugh. Inheriting a flavor of humor in him, American actor/comedian Kalen Allen brings a bit of giggle in us with his comic reaction videos on Youtube

The Youtube reactor started shooting funny food recipes reaction videos for the first time in March 2017, creating his Youtube channel, Kalen Reacts. He then got an immense recognition after he posted the video, Kalen Reacts’ Potato Salad Cake, posted on November 2017.

Everyone soon noticed his popularity, and he started making regular appearances in the talk shows such as The Ellen Degeneres Show. He would even star in the American comedy movie, An American Pickle, in 2019

Bio (Wiki & Age)

His mother and late grandmother have been his inspiration, and he dedicates all his works and achievements towards them. He was brought up by his mother and late grandmother because his father was absent the whole time.

Memory Lane: Kalen Allen poses with his grandmother for a picture on 15 February 2017 (

Born on  4 January 1996, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kalen stands at the height of 5 feet, 11 inches(1.65 meters).

Kalen Allen, Gay

Kalen Allen is a proud gay man of African American heritage, and he is open about it.

At first, the youtuber was frightened of losing his loved ones if he revealed about his sexual preferences, but Kalen soon realized that he needed to love himself and let go of the relationship with people who did not appreciate him.

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This event became a turning point in his life and leveraged him to be who he is. He was slowly loved and recognized everywhere.

Dating and Relationship

Kalen Allen has a charm that can impress anyone, but his relationship status has been a question in everyone's mind since he has kept his dating life private. Therefore, we are not sure if he is in a relationship or not at present.

But if he were to be in a relationship, he would probably want a relationship that values personal space. That's what we understood from one of his Twitter replies that he made in 2018.

He said, "You do not have to be in a relationship 24/7!," replying to a Twitter user's post that featured a photo of a cartooned pensive girl with a caption "An accurate depiction of my life.' 

Earnings & Networth

This actor/comedian has managed to bag a lot of wealth in a short span of his career.

In addition to his Youtube success, Kalen has also collaborated with Ellen DeGeneres. In addition, he has also featured in the film An American Pickle and has plans for movie projects in the future. His overall popularity and success suggest; he may have a substantial net worth.


Currently, Kalen is enjoying tremendous success in his career, but it was not always like this for him. Before getting his call to fame, he was pursuing a double major, working five jobs and producing videos with his friends.

After quite the struggle, he was finally recognized when one of his reaction videos about tasty cornbread recipe got viral over the internet. He immediately followed the video with three new videos which landed him a call from American talk show star Ellen DeGeneres and propelled him to new heights. His mantra to success was to react on classic dishes featured on  Buzzfeed's Tasty Videos and websites like Delish.   

At present, Kalen has more than seven hundred thousand plus subscribers on his Youtube channel. Adding to that, he regularly appears as a guest host/DJ on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Similarly, he runs his own series, OMKalen, on EllenTube's digital platform. 

Not to mention, the comedian has covered shows like the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards and the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. He made his acting debut in 2019 alongside comedian and actor Seth Rogen in a pickled comedy plot, An American Pickle