Keemstar Daughter, Married Status, Net Worth & Facts

By Chakrit Subedi | Updated On: 22 Jan, 2020
Keemstar Daughter, Married Status, Net Worth & Facts

Keemstar is a game streamer and creator of the YouTube channel DramaAlert, who faces loads of criticism and hate comments for his waggish style of portraying different subject matters. Despite the criticisms, he has a strong fan base and followers in his social media accounts. 

To date, he has amassed more than 15.6K and 1.42 million followers on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, respectively. Also, he has over 1.8 million followers on his Youtube channel. 

On top of that, Keemstar is also equally active in SoundCloud, where many of his popular songs such as Dollar in the Woods are available. 

Keemstar's Daughter Info

Daniel M. Keem has a daughter named Mia.

Daniel M Keem with his daughter Mia on 4 February 2017 (Photo:- Daniel M Keem's Twitter)

Mia - who was born around 2010- is a talented kid. She even took part in Little Miss Buffalo in 2019 and emerged out as the runner-up.

Dating Life

Though Keemstar has never been married, he did have a girlfriend.

His romance with girlfriend Melissa started in 2007 and dated for nearly a decade.

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Keem last-mentioned Melissa in 2017 via a tweet on 5 January.

Net Worth  

The estimated net worth of Keemstar is $2 million. Also, he charges $20 dollars to his fans to enroll them as a moderator on BlogTV chat and in his friend list on Facebook.

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Plus, the YouTuber is enriching his fortunes through his clothing line named Keemstar. 

Interesting Facts

  • He has an appealing height of 5 feet and 10 inches(1.7m).
  • As of bio, Keemstar (real name: Daniel M. Keem) is a social media personality- who was born on 8 March 1982 in Buffalo, New York. 
  • He came into limelight after his friend uploaded his troll video on Youtube on 21 January 2009. Solely, this video amassed 100K Views. 
  • He began uploading his video on his Youtube channel DramaAlert in 2014.
  • He has been into a number of controversies. In 2016, he made a false accusation about a 62-year-old man calling him pedophile but actually the old man's face resembled a pedophile.  
  • Although in 2016, his channel was banned from Youtube for his controversial posts, he had 24/7 access to it.