Kirby Jenner Wiki, Age, Net Worth

By Prabesh Niroula | Published On: 20 Aug, 2019
Kirby Jenner Wiki, Age, Net Worth

The internet provides a platform for everybody to showcase their skills. Generally, people take their approach to popularity more straightforwardly. But not Kirby Jenner. His humor has shaken the social media as he photoshops his image with the celebrity Kendall Jenner in a super realistic way.

So, who is Kerby Jenner? Hop in the ride to unmask the true identity of this guy who claims to be the Fraternal Twin of the Kendall Jenner.

Wiki- Who Is Kerby Jenner?

On inspection of his Instagram bio, certain facts regarding Kirby Jenner come to light. He’s the fictitious “fraternal twin” of a celebrity model Kendall Jenner. All information about the hilarious artist seems to be a big hoax or a made-up thing.

Google, however, considers Kirby Jenner a parody account operated by an agency in L.A. However, the 1.1 million Instagram followers certainly intrigues people's interest.

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He claims to be of the same age as Kendall(twin brother, right?) which is 21. His photos with the Jenners or Kardashians seem so realistic it often leaves the public with a skeptical state of mind. But we are well aware of the fact that Kendall doesn’t have a twin. So, sorry peeps!

By now, you guys must have been scratching your heads. Let me clear up the dilemma with this photo.

Kirby Jenner: Self-claimed twin of Kendall Jenner(Photo: Grazia ) 

Amazing, isn’t it? His ability to blend with the theme and give the fitting pose perplexes even the finest eyes. 

Net Worth & Facts

Evidently, he started his Instagram account in 2015. 

When questioned about this whole situation via email, Kirby mentioned that he and Kendall were born 22 hours apart. He added that he has a close relationship with his self-claimed twin sister and that he always gets photoshopped out from Kendall’s clicks. He accuses her fashion team guy Mario of the ruthless act. All that, and he was still in character. What a guy!

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In another interview with Allure in January 2016, Kirby shared memories of his family members including Kylie Jenner and mom/manager Kris Jenner. The photoshop guru leaked some private details and indicated his parallelism with family members. The whole scene seemed so seamless as if he really belonged to the star family.

Another thing that comes with the name Kardashian/Jenner family is their humongous net worth. Anyways, let’s talk about Kendall and Kylie’s valuation. Kendall has a net worth of $40 million whereas Kylie tops the chart with a jaw-dropping figure of $300 million. This makes Kirby worth millions, right?

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Jokes aside, the artist is estimated to earn an average salary of about $86,582 as a performance artist. Besides that, there is not much information about his involvement in any other business sectors, and Instagram modeling seems to be his full-time job.