Kyle Kulinski Wiki, Wife, Gay, Salary, Net Worth

By Prakriti Shrestha | Updated On: 09 Dec, 2018
Kyle Kulinski Wiki, Wife, Gay, Salary, Net Worth

Kyle Kulinski is a political activist and a YouTube star. He is also known for his mean tweets and progressive political commentary.

The American political activist is best known as a host for The Kyle Kulinski show on the Secular Talk Radio Network. He is a progressive radio host and is a member of the democratic party.

How Much Is Kyle's Net Worth?

Kyle has been summoning his net worth as a radio host. An average salary of a radio host is $44,285, as per wiki. His progressive political commentary on the radio must have helped him earn a decent salary.

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He is famous as the host for Secular Talk Show. Apart from the hosting career, he is also a YouTube sensation with 600,000 subscribers. He has a channel named "Secular Talk" which he started as a hobby. His hobby ended up as his career with huge followers and great commentary. The most popular video from his channel is “Ricky Gervais On Atheism, Nails It” which has more than 2 million views.

Being a member of the democratic party, he is the co-founder of Justice Democrats. He is known for covering many political issues, but he is also famous for his mean tweets. He has tweeted some mean comments on many popular celebrities like Kesha, Britney Spears, Madonna, and other.

He tweeted “Who sucked more d*cks in their life, Madonna or Britney Spears?

He tweeted on Kesha mentioning that she should say f*ck it and make a song named “I’m a wh*re.” He also keeps making racist comments. He said all Asians look-alike with a hashtag “Things We All Hate Asian Drivers.” He continually keeps calling people fa**ot and ni**a.

Kyle Fights For Gay Rights; Does That Mean He Is Gay?

Kyle, 30, is seen talking a lot about gay people through his YouTube channel and Twitter. In a Political Comedy Youtube channel, there was a video where he went after Rand Paul over gay marriage. Rand Paul wrote an article mentioning the middle ground laws should exist related to marriage and Kyle commented on his writing. Rand's article said that the government should be out of marriage. Those are the personal affairs, so it is better for the government to stay out of it. Taking this note, Kyle said that the statement meant that there should be no gay marriage in the country.

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As gay people are not accepted by the church, and the government is the only place they can go to tie their knots, government staying out of this affair will lead gay people with no choice. They will not have any platform to get married. He talked each detail of the article and presented with its impact on gay people. He believes in equality, and the law should be made in a way that treats all the citizens equally.

So he is seen defending the rights of gay but is he a gay?

Though he is seen protecting the rights of LGBT, he is a straight person. Kyle keeps his personal life out of the public, so he has not revealed anything about his relationship status. But he once tweeted mentioning his girlfriend and said that he was fired from his job and at the same time his girlfriend was hooking up with his best friend to trigger the libs.

(Photo: Twitter)

So, the tweet is the only time he mentioned about his love, rest of the time he has remained tight-lipped in his personal life matters.

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Short Bio

The progressive host was born in 1988 and marks his birthday on 31st January. He was born in Westchester County and belongs to a mixed ethnicity as his parents are of different descent, a polish dad and Italian mother. In education, he holds a degree in Political Science from Iona College. The handsome host stands at a modest height of 6 feet (1.83 meters).