Lee Newton Age, Husband, Wedding & Movies Details

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 31 Dec, 2019
Lee Newton Age, Husband, Wedding & Movies Details

Lee Newton is an actress, writer, and co-host of the YouTube channel SourceFed. She is widely known for her work at a comedy TV series Smosh (2005), web series My Music (2012), and Your Show (2018). Also, she is notable as the former member of the Valley Folk and as the voice and puppeteer of the animated character Scuzz in Scuzz and Furnesto. 

Additionally, Lee also got nominated in the Maxim Hot 100 list and ranked number 57 among the 100 lists in 2012.

Lee Newton’s Bio (Age) And Family

Lee Newton, whose real name is Ashley Rose Newton, was born on 13 April 1985 in Oregon. At the time of her birth, she wasn’t healthy; she had several congenital heart conditions and had to undergo four different open-heart surgeries.

Thankfully, the surgeries went excellent and she got to grow up alongside her brother Jake and a sister in Yosemite Village, California.

Growing up, Lee achieved a theatre study with a scholarship in college and started working with SourceFed since 2012. There, she worked as a host alongside three other Valleyfolk members till 2015.

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As for her body appearance, Lee stands an average height of 1.524 meters (5 feet) and her body structure is substantial. However, she complains about being short and the clothes get huge on her body to stay fashionable.

Who Is Lee Newton’s Husband? 

Lee Newton is married to an author and an actor, Andrew Dalaman since 3 June 2017 and the pair are still relishing their wedded life as their first day of dating; the duo still cannot resist posting about each other and being together. 

Like Lee, her husband is also a stand-up comedian and a host of YouTube channel, that gReat show. Also, Andrew is famous as the voice of Shay Van Buren and Saison on MPHIS. He is funny, has a great sense of humor and most importantly loves and adores his girlfriend-turned-wife, Lee Newton.

Details On Wedding

Lee and Andrew got engaged on Christmas day, but the exact year is unknown. Andrew had made a surprise proposal to his beloved girlfriend at 5:30 am in the morning. He, later, again proposed Lee in a romantic scene and crazy Lee made him propose her more than 30 times that day.

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Unlike their uncanny engagement, their wedding went grand. In the nuptial held on 3 June 2017, Andrew got dressed up in a plain white shirt and a blue tuxedo while Lee was looking gorgeous as always in a white v-cut gown, lengthened up to her knee and loose hair.

The wedding picture of Lee Newton and her husband, Andrew Delman. (Photo: Instagram)

The venue was decorated with all the sparkling decorations and luxurious beverages.

Movies/ TV Shows Details

Lee Newton has performed in a handful of movies, shows, and Tv series. In the 2016 comedy film, Dirty 30, she has portrayed the role of Rebecca. Besides that, her portrayal in TV series includes MyMusic, Smosh, Your Show and many more.