LeeAnna Vamp Wiki, Age, Married, Wedding, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents

By Anmol Basnyat | Published On: 25 Dec, 2017
LeeAnna Vamp Wiki, Age, Married, Wedding, Husband, Boyfriend, Parents

The role of an artist is to provide a cathartic feeling to the audience through their performance. The self-proclaimed Vamp of the television series and cosplays has managed to gain a broader audience through her exceptional acting skills with a weird style of fashion. Vamp has also termed herself to be a total nerd by heart as she keeps changing her costumes with strange designs and fashion sense.

Her Love for Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy Movies:

Leeanna Vamp is best known for her role in ‘Con Man,’ Sci-Fi’s ‘Cosplay Melee’ to name a few. She has also been associated with the frightfully fun show of all the ages ‘Best Friends Forever’. Since her appearance and sir name both relates to the vampire, people humorously call her a vampire.

Apart from that, she has an equivalent role in the series ‘Pool Party Massacre.’ She even co-starred with Freddie Wong in ‘Resident Evil: Down with the sickness.’

Along with acting, she has been widely acclaimed for working as a producer in the web series like ‘Star Wars Girls’ and ‘Best Friends Forever.’ The actress has a mix of unique style and the bold look that has undoubtedly enhanced her screen characters.

She is a Growing Nerd!

Born in the eighties, she has enjoyed the fashion sense, music, TV, games. She has also labeled herself to be a Halloween Goddess with some weird but impressive designing of the costumes. The actress has a dark side, but her charisma and presence can light up all the dark colors.

Caption: Leeanna Vamp on her unique fashion dressing sense, the photo uploaded on November 11, 2017.
Source: Instagram

How much is Leeanna's Net worth?

From being the total nerd by heart to the self-proclaimed Vamp in the screen, Vamp has earned enough of wealth from her professional career. Though she has not adequately revealed any details of her net worth, her earnings must cross a million dollar mark.

Sharing a Beautiful Marital Relationship with Husband!

Besides her professional career, Vamp is sharing a beautiful marital relationship with husband, Cameron Vamp. The couple enjoys their personal space and has been living a beautiful married life for more than two years.

Vamp announced her wedding date to her fans through one of her Twitter posts. Many people were enthralling to hear the great news from the actress which became real in 2015.

 It was her mother Elvira who conducted the ritual of her daughter and future son in law as the part of the family.

Caption: Leeanna Vamp and boyfriend, Cameron Vamp at their wedding back accompanied by her mother, Cassandra Petterson.
Source: Instagram

Her Short Bio:

Leeanna Vamp is thirty-six year of age and was born on January 26, 1981. She was raised by her parents and spent most of her childhood in California, United States as per wiki. Vamp attended Cal State University and completed her education with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in communication. She is 5 ft. 9 in height and her ethnicity belongs to white.