Lytrell Bundy Wiki, Age, Birthday, Dating, Boyfriend, Brother, Son

By Sophiya Shrestha | Published On: 08 Feb, 2018
Lytrell Bundy Wiki, Age, Birthday, Dating, Boyfriend, Brother, Son

Quick Information

Date of Birth 1981 Nationality American
Marital Status Single Gay/Lesbian No
Net Worth Not disclosed Ethnicity Black
Parents Joyce Hawkins (Mother), Clinton Brown (Father) Siblings Chris Brown (Brother)

People usually find pleasure in staying in the limelight when they are related to a celebrity. However, some people do not love to get media attention and stay far away from the public. One such person is Lyntrell Bundy, elder sister to the famous artist, Chris Brown. Despite having a star and celebrity in the family, she loves to live a simple life and stays away from the media.

Who is Lytrell Bundy?

If you are a total fan of the famous rapper, singer, and dancer, Chris Brown, you sure know about him in detail which means you may be familiar with the members of his family. And when you read about Chris Brown on the internet you might have come across the name Lytrell Bundy.

Well, Lytrell Bundy is the elder sister of Chris Brown, and unlike her brother, she does not prefer the limelight and stays miles away from media. She is a mere banker and is living a low-key life. According to the wiki sources, there are no pictures of her on the internet. She has also signed in to various social media accounts but is not active in any one of those. Hence it is unknown if she has a boyfriend and about her dating affairs.

According to the sources, Lytrell has a very loving bond with her brother and is a support system to each other. She was as well very proud when her brother released hit numbers such as, “Kiss Kiss” and “Forever.”

Lytrell Aunt to Baby Royalty!

Lytrell Bundy became an aunt when she was blessed with her niece, Royalty. Chris Brown and his former partner, Nia Guzman has a baby girl named Royalty. Nia gave birth to her daughter in 2014 but did not reveal about her to Brown until 2016 because of his persona in public.

Lytrell has a special bond with her niece and is very loving towards her.

Supportive Sister Figure, Lytrell!

If you are following Chris Brown, you might sure know about the allegations and charges that he was accused of many times. One of the significant accusations made to him was for being violent and physically abusing towards his former girlfriend, Rihanna.

Rihanna repeatedly accused Brown of hitting her and choking her until she was unconscious when she found out love text on Brown’s phone by another girl. Brown was charged guilty and was arrested in 2009 and completed his probation in 2015.

However, when the world united as one to allegedly prove Chris of guilty, his sister Lytrell stood by him and repeatedly said that her brother is not violent at all. Even while growing up together Chris was supposed to be on good behavior and always loving. She further added that he would not do much of a thing and he has never in life been violent.

Another allegation to Chris was because of his impression in public. In 2016,  Nia accused him of being a bad impression to her daughter, but despite such claims, Lytrell supported her brother. In the end, Chris proved to be a great father, and in 2016 he threw a $30,000 Disney Frozen themed party for Royalty's second birthday party. 

What is the Bundy's Net Worth?

As mentioned earlier Lytrell Bundy is the type of woman who does not enjoy the limelight and stays low-key away from the media. The only reason for her to make it to the headlines is that of her famous brother. Hence, Lytrell has not mentioned her details such as net worth in public, but her brother’s net worth is known to the world and is $30 million.

Her Short Bio:

Lytrell Bundy was born in 1981 and was raised in Tappahannock, Virginia which makes her 36 years of age. She was born to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown. Bundy’s parents are not only proud of their banker daughter but also enjoy sharing the fame and limelight of son, Chris. Hawkins and Brown separated when Chris Lytrell was still children, but their mom raised them as a single mother.