Mia Dinoto Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 23 Oct, 2019
Mia Dinoto Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth

YouTube has become the biggest platform to earn the name and fame in exchange for talent. It has given birth to many stars and has helped many introverts to come out while staying in their comfort zone. Well, all thanks to YouTube once again for presenting the beautiful, talented, and kindest YouTuber, Mia Dinoto.

Mia is an acclaimed YouTuber, who has amassed more than 480,000 subscribers for her soothing and useful tutorials. She mainly shares her DIY videos, reaction videos, most satisfying slime videos, comedy vlogs, and many more. Beside YouTubing, Mia is also a retired level 10 gymnast, a social sensation, and a crown verified Tik Tok star.

Mia Dinoto’s Wiki & Family

The 16-year-old internet sensation Mia being a public personality has shared her popularity with her family too. Isn’t this the proudest thing to parents when their children’s good deeds recognize them?

Indeed, Mia’s acclaimed fame has built a link of her family to the media. Her mother, Jill, has 19.3k followers on Instagram only because of her daughter Mia. However, she isn’t the only child to her parents Jill Dinoto and Chris Dinoto. She has other two siblings Jake and Nick, who are also not new to the media world. 

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Mia Dinoto with her mother, Jill Dinoto, and father Chris Dinoto at Santa Monica Beach in February 2019. (Photo: Jill's Instagram)

A popular public figure from the US, Mia celebrates her birthday on 7 January.

The beautiful Mia stands a significant height of 160 cm (5’3”) and has an average weight of 112.5 lbs (51 kg).  

Mia’s Boyfriend Related

Although Mia is still young to be dating someone or have feelings upon someone, she firmly has a crush on her brother’s friend. She openly admitted her feelings towards the mysterious young man while filming a Q&A video Did I Quit Gymnastics? in 2018.  

The unstarted romance doesn’t end here. Mia's video of 11 May 2019, titled Telling Our Crishes We Like Them!, she called her crush and confessed her feeling. It was more exciting when the response was the same. Yes, the guy had a crush on her too. 

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However, since then, Mia has not hinted anything suspicious if they started dating or end it just like that. Therefore, she has yet to reveal what happened after that. 

Career Success

As of 2019, Mia's age is only 16 according to her birthdate 2003, but her endeavors are enormous. She has captured almost every social site, including Instagram, YouTube, and Tik-tok inside her palm.

Mia rose to prominence in the year 2016 with her performance at Playlist Live convention alongside Coral girls, the group of gymnasts girls. Meanwhile, she was setting fire on the other side: Tik tok. She is a crowned verified Tik Tok star and an Instagram influencer with 740k followers.

Among all, her most exceptional platform has remained her YouTube channel, Mia Dinoto, which has 485k subscribers. She had started the channel in 2015, and within a year, she achieved massive success. She collaborated with the gymnast girl group, The Coral Girls, which became a bonus to her stair towards success.

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Mia’s Net Worth

The United States-native Mia earns, as being an internet sensation, earns the prominent part of the income from YouTube revenue, sponsors, and media endorsement. 

Note: Mia, who has total video views of 63,277,955, is estimated to earn the YouTube revenue ranging from $534 to $8.5k monthly.

Since she is still young and has no authority to work, her net worth is restrained to her YouTube earnings. Not to forget, she is also stirring towards TV and Hollywood as of now, so there is no doubt her net worth will grow drastically once she reaches the designated phase of her life.