Michael Aronov Bio, Family, Wife, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 16 Sep, 2019
Michael Aronov Bio, Family, Wife, Net Worth

From hit movies to a TV series and stage shows, Micheal Aronov has been gracing the entire entertainment industry with his splendid acting skills and medley typecasted characters since the 2000s. His successful venture credits are The Drops, Gun Hills, The Americans, Reign, Person of Interest, The closer and so on.

The 2017th Tony Award winner, Aronov is famous for his distinctive acting roles and his never-fading talents. His contribution to films like Secretary, Life on Mars and The Americans has made his name forever engraved in Hollywood history.

Additionally, he was also appreciated by the Lucille Lortel Award and the Obie Award.

Micheal Aronov Bio

This Fortune House’s actor was born in May 1976 with American nationality and white ethnicity. Sadly, not much information about his childhood and family is known. However, it is a matter of the fact that he engraved the road to Hollywood on his capability.

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Starting with the plays and stage shows, he kept on growing his work and career. And the result is in front of you— at present, he has become one of the notable faces in Hollywood, who has the standard height and works with famous figures like actor Tom Hardy and director Matthew Bonifacio.

Personal Life- Family & Married

Micheal Aronov tends to be a private person as he doesn’t talk about his family and personal matter often. He is also not active on social media which is why no media has able to garner any information relating to his family or private life.

However, he is open when it is about his on-screen’s life and character. He has portrayed the role of an Italian Royal father in the TV series The Americans. His marvelous on-screen character as a father or a family has led his fans more wonder about his real family and parents. Hopefully, he will reveal about them eventually. 

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Like his family life, Aronov has also remained taciturn when it's about his married life. Michael is one of the rare actors whose love life controversies have never been made or publicized until today. Michael, being a very private person, has always concealed his personal life. Therefore, even at the age of 43, his fans are still unaware if he is dating someone or has a wife.

However, Aronov had made an appearance with a guest lady in 2016 and 2017th The Americans premiere. The pair even captured the cozy shot facing the camera.

Michael with the guest on the Premiere of The Americans' season 4. (Source:

But, it is still a mystery as to if the lady could be Michael love-interest. Whatever is the case, as of 2019, he is not married.

Micheal’s Net Worth

Micheal has been providing his incredible acting performances in the industry since 2000. Therefore, there is no doubt he has several films and shows credits in his entire 19 years of an acting career.

He has performed in 2000’s TV show Spin City, 2001 film Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Law and Order in 2007-2009, Operation Eichment(Finale) 2018 and many other popular ventures.

As of 2019, Micheal is yet to set a fire in his upcoming new thriller film Dreamland along with actor Luke Evans, Martin Donovan, and Mia Kirshner. 

Seeing all his acting debut, it looks like the 43-years-old actor, Michael has added thousands or possibly million to his income source this year. Although Michael's net worth is not revealed, he must be earning more than $49,924, the salary of an average actor.