Mike Cernovich Married Status, Religion, Ethnicity & Complete Bio

By Chakrit Subedi | Published On: 24 Jan, 2020
Mike Cernovich Married Status, Religion, Ethnicity & Complete Bio

Mike Cernovich is a reputed journalist, author, and accomplished filmmaker- who has been raising concern in different public and political issues in an effort to inform the larger mass. He won the Freedom of Press case in the second circuit court of appeals in 2018. Also, he is known for his audacious effort in shedding light on the general issues of the society.  

His book Gorilla MIndset- which was published in 2015- motivates people to unleash their true potential.  

Also, Mike is a producer and writer- best recognized for his work in movies and shows like The Red Pill (2016), Mike Cernovich Live Streams (2016), and Hoaxed (2019).

Bio: Age, Height

Mike Cernovich stands at a height extending 5 feet and 11 ½ inches (1.82m).

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He was born on 17 November 1977 in Kewanee, Illinois, USA.  

Mike Cernovich Married Status

Mike Cernovich enjoys a successful marriage with his wife, Shauna Cernovich. The couple got married in November 2015 and are blessed with two daughters. The younger daughter's name is Rumi Rose and the elder one is Cyra. The couple welcomed their second daughter in 2019. 

Mike Cernovich with wife Shauna Cernovich and daughters on 28 December 2019 (Photo: Mike Cernovich's Instagram) 

Talking about their meetups, Mike and Shauna first glanced at each other at a bar in Santa Monica. Mike made the first approach to woo her, and very soon, they got together.  

Delving into his wife's bio, Shauna Cernovich is a fashion enthusiast and an ardent parent. She has served at a number of companies like CraveOnline Media LLC, BCBG Max Azria, and Nordstrom. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics in 2009.

Past Relationship 

Previously, Mike got married to his first wife in 2003 when they were pursuing their career in Law studies at Pepperdine. But, after spending nearly eight years together, the former pair parted ways in 2011. As mentioned by the New Yorker in October 2016, the reason for their divorce was due to a power imbalance between them.  

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The divorce profited Mike as he got compensated with seven figures in the divorce settlements. His former wife is a successful attorney in Silicon Valley, and Mike was entitled to earn a share of her fortune after the divorce.

Religion, Ethnicity 

Mike Cernovich has faith in Christianity. Likewise, he has mixed ethnicity as the descendants of his paternal and maternal side possessed different nationalities. Mike’s father is half-Croatian and one-quarter Manx descent.

Similarly, his English mother has a likely ancestry of Irish and German. She is also one of eight Cherokee Native American descent.  Hence, Mike Cernovich boasts Croatian(paternal grandfather), English, Manx, Irish, and German ancestry.

Interesting Facts 

  • Mike is the producer and writer of the movie Hoaxed and the author of the book, Gorilla Mindset. The book had sold over 100,000 copies.  
  • One of the sensational reporting of Michael compelled Congressman John Conyers to resign from his post. Michael had a legitimate proof against John about his involvement in the sexual harassment case. According to the evidence Michael had obtained, John had tried to settle a case of sexual harassment with his former staff in a confidential way. 
  • He launched his blog named Danger and Play in 2011 after his first wife filed for a divorce. 
  • In 2003, he gained notoriety for his involvement in a rape case. He was accused of raping a woman but his charge was reduced by the judge. The judge simply ordered him to participate in the community service for misdemeanor battery.