Mj Rodriguez Wiki, Family, Movies and TV Shows

By Pranish Sumsher Thapa | Published On: 12 Jun, 2019
Mj Rodriguez Wiki, Family, Movies and TV Shows

MJ Rodriguez is one of the many transgender actresses known her outstanding role as Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista in the 2018 show Pose. In the journey to stardom, she had to face a lot of criticism and challenges on the way. Her gender-confirming became the key factor for her strength that encouraged her to cope with the challenges in Hollywood.

MJ's performance has been labeled as one of the best and has made her a fan favorite. Not only that, but MJ is also tipped to land the Emmy as Best Drama Actress. 

MJ Underwent Surgery; Parents Support!

It has never been a secret that MJ Rodriguez has always identified herself as a woman. She came out a gay at the age of 14, and through the support of her parents who accepted her for who she was, MJ was able to enjoy a life that she wanted. In 2016, MJ underwent gender replacement therapy fulfilling her wish of becoming a woman not just mentally but also physically.

As of now, MJ Rodriguez is enjoying life as a woman despite having to face a lot of criticism on being a transgender. She has shared her experience of being harassed by men. She uploaded a Facebook video where she talked about the abuse and harassments that transgender woman has to face. Despite the facts, MJ shoves aside such negativity and focuses on her work and appreciates who she is and what she has.

Besides, she also has a supporting sister who goes by name "_frenchyb_" on Instagram. 

Dating Life; Married/ Husband

When it comes to MJ's dating life, the trans-female MJ Rodriguez's dating relationship is a mystery to her fans,

Since her gender replacement therapy in 2016, she has been able to live the life she always has wanted. But when it comes to her romantic love life, there exists nothing but her rumored relationship.

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MJ's romantic affair became the choice of topic to fans when she flaunted a series of pictures on Instagram where she and a guy who goes by the name Legendary Damon was cuddling around in August 2018. 

MJ shares a moment with Legendary Damon. (Photo: MJ's Instagram | August 19, 2018)

She affirmed that she always enjoys her time when she is with the guy. Apart from that, there have never been any confirmations about what exactly is her relationship status with Legendary.

And unless Mj or the guy comes forward, we cannot be sure. As of now, MJ is yet to get married to the person she loves. And the details about her future husband are yet to come forth.

Desires To Become Parents!

Though MJ's personal timeline is low-key, her social media post shows that she eagerly wants to be a parent. She has baby fever and believes that she would be the best parents in the world once she gave birth to her baby. She is so crazed of becoming a mother to her kid that she even faked her pregnant on 23 April 2019.

The transgender star hopes that her dreams would fulfill one day.

Net Worth- Tv Shows & Movies

MJ Rodriguez is an actress, who has starred in TV shows such as Nurse Jackie, Dear Pauline, Luke Cage and most recently her role as Blanca Rodriguez-Evangelista in the 2018 show Pose.

Her work on the glamorous makeup filled artistic show 'Pose' turned out to be her breakthrough role as ever since the show premiered, she has become a fan's favorite and is also tipped on taking home the prestigious Emmy award for the Best Drama Actress category.

MJ's phenomenon acting can be seen for one more time as season two of Pose is under the production and will be realized soon.

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Not only that, but MJ is also a singer. In 2017, she released her singles Wrong Side of Town, and You’ll Be Missing Me which did well.

With her expertise in both music and acting field, it is for sure; the actress has raked the fruitful amount of net worth. Reports of Payscale suggest that the average salary of an actress is about $50,305. Considering the success, including her success with Pose, her salary, and net worth could well and truly rise in the coming years.

Wiki & Bio

MJ Rodriguez was born in the year 1991 in Newark, New Jersey. Currently, age 28, her birthday, although not confirmed, is supposed to be on the 7th of January.

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Standing at the height of 5’8”, MJ attended Queen of Angels Catholic School and New Jersey Performing Arts Center for her education. Later, she completed her high school graduation from Newark Arts High School. Following that, MJ went to Berklee College of Music.for higher education.