Neal Brennan Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Parents

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 11 Aug, 2019
Neal Brennan Net Worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Parents

Neal Brennan is a famous comedian, director, actor, and writer who grew to a stadium after his collaboration with Dave Chappelle, a comedian who runs a comedy show “Chappelle’s Show.” He has worked as a writer for many shows and series including Singled Out, All Out and Kenan & Kel during the 90s.

Not only that, but Brennan has also directed films and documentaries that have starred many renowned celebrities including Will Smith, Kendrick Lamar, Trevor Noah, Jordan, Chris Rock and many more. 

Net Worth

The co-writer of the Chappelle’s show Neal Brennan has been working behind many popular stars and celebrities. Furthermore, he is credited for the growing fame and success of the show as Neal has been directing, scripting and helping in the shows.

Thankfully, after long years of contribution, at the beginning of 2019, Brennan finally got featured on the supreme stand-up series “Comedians of the World” through which he was able to make his own identity to the world. 

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At present, Neal not only has earned fame but also a massive net worth of $5 million. Apart from his net worth, he has a house worth with a worth in millions which he bought in the year 2010 in $1,050,000. 

Dating & Relationships Details

Being a comedian, Neal can trap anyone with his joke and comedic stints; as far, he is doing the same when it comes to relationships.

Despite the low-keyed his personal life, he did have tweeted about his girlfriend as well as gushed about his lady love on interviews in earlier days. In one of the interviews in 2016 with Vice, he revealed he was in 10 years of relationship. But, he concealed the details about his girlfriend.

Back in 2012, he had tweeted that he had been dating a girl for two years. So, here’s the thing which is quite dilemmatic. Whether it's his trick to fool people or he indeed had the one whom he would call a dream girl remained a puzzle to his fans.

However, ignoring his confusing dating years, let's focus on how genuine he is in his relationship. From the look of his tweets, it is obvious that he would take a month off for his girlfriend if he finds the one.

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As of now, Neal has not spoken anything relating to his love life. So, it is not confirmed if Neal is still dating any lady or is single. But it is for sure; he is yet to choose a lady as his future wife.

Neal has also equally tweeted his sarcastic thoughts with correspondence to gay. Despite being straight, he often adds the gay-related topic as a part of his stand-up comedy.


Neal was born in Brooklyn, NY to an alcoholic father and a supporting mother. In a family, Neal was raised along with his five other brothers and four sisters. Among his siblings, he and his brother Kevin entered into the comedy and writing field.

Neal Brennan with his mother. (Photo: Neal's Instagram) 

Neal did not receive enough care and affection. From his few interviews, it has come to light that he doesn’t have a smooth relationship with a few members in a family, especially his father. He claimed that his father was a severe alcoholic (to which his other family members denies) and used to threaten and beat his children when he was drunk instead of looking after them.

Bio, Age

Born on 19 October 1973, Neal Brennan is a popular public figure, standing the height of 5' 11", for his amazing comedies and writing skills. Talking about his education background, he attended New York University.

Later he dropped out and served as a doorman at the Boston Comedy Club in NY city where he got to know many popular comedians including Dave Chappelle (husband of Elaine Chappelle) with whom he later started working on his show Chappelle’s Show from 2003 to 2006. And the rest is history.