Nikohl Boosheri Birthday, Height, Ethnicity- All You Need to Know

By Oshil Pokhrel | Published On: 08 Jul, 2018
Nikohl Boosheri Birthday, Height, Ethnicity- All You Need to Know

Nikohl Boosheri is a Canadian actress known for portraying the role of Muslim lesbian, Adena El-Amin in 2017 series The Bold Type. She has won Best Performance at the three Film Festivals: LA Outfest, International Rome Film Festival, and the Noor Film Festival for her performance in 2011 movie, Circumstance. During Tribeca Film Festival 2013, IndieWires named Nikohl as '10 Actors to Watch' for her role in the comedy movie, Farah Goes Bang.

How Does Nikhole Boosehri Gather Net Worth?; Debuts At The Age Of 22

Nikohl has gathered her net worth as a Canadian actress. She has mustered revenues from her stint in the entertainment industry since 2010. Her Best Actress Award-winning role at Noor Iranian Film Festival in 2011 movie, Circumstance, grossed a box office of $555,511. Nikhol portrayed the character of Atafeh Hakimi and accumulated fortunes from the French-Iranian-American dramatic film.

The talented actress, Nikhole was at the age of 22 when she debuted in 2010 TV series, Tower Prep. A year later, in 2011, she made her first film debut in Circumstance and won the Best Actress Award. She played a lesbian role along with French actress, Sarah Kazemy. In 2013, Nikohl played a role of Farah Mahtab in American comedy movie Farah Goes Bang. Her notable TV series include Tower Prep; Continuum, Seeds of Yesterday, and The Bold Type.

Dating Musical Artist; Wished Birthday To Her Boyfriend

Nikohl Boosheri is dating a musical artist, Wild the Coyote. Her boyfriend, Coyote has released an album called The Phantom & The Black Crow with a six alternative/indie tracks in 2017. The San Luis Obispo native Coyote, also has a self-named record label, Wild the Coyote Records. His official video titled The Boondocks is available on iTunes.

Nikhol mostly flaunts her pictures with her boyfriend on her social media. The duo went to Melrose Place, West Hollywood, California in April 2015 and enjoyed their time with their friends. The Tower Prep actress later shared their snaps on 19 April 2015 via her Instagram. Further, on 1 October 2017, Nikhole shared a photo with her tattooed-boyfriend on Instagram and labeled them as 'Partners In Crime.'

Nikohl Boosheri and her boyfriend, Wild the Coyote, pictured on 19 April 2015 (Photo: Instagram)

Nikhol took her Instagram and wished the musical artist, Coyote 'Happy Birthday' on 8 January 2018. She shared a photo of Coyote and described him as her 'partner, person, and love.'

The duo was also spotted together during the premiere of American drama series, Yellowstone, in June 2018. They attended the Hollywood studio in Paramount Studios and enjoyed the premiere and party of the film. Together, the couple resides in Los Angeles, California. Although the couple shares a good bond, they are reportedly unmarried as of July 2018.

Short Bio

Nikohl Boosheri was born in 1988 and has her birthday on 3 September. She was born in Pakistan to Iranian parents. At the age of two, Nikohl moved to Canada with her family. She is fluent in English and Persian. Nikhol stands at the casual height and belongs to mixed ethnicity (Iranian, Pakistani, Asian).