Noah Brown Bio, Age, Wife, Wedding, Net Worth

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 17 Oct, 2019
Noah Brown Bio, Age, Wife, Wedding, Net Worth

You might remember Mr. Fix-It if you have ever watched the acclaimed Discovery Channel docu-series Alaskan Bush People. Precisely known as Mr. Fix-It, Noah Brown’s full name is Noah Darkcloud Brown. He is a reality star and a writer known for Krui-TV, No Shame, and Alaskan Bush People. 

Although Noah holds several credits, his appearance in the specific series Alaskan Bush People became his major stair to stardom. In the series, he is featured as a jack of all trades, interested in math, science, and engineering.

Noah Brown’s Bio (Age)

Noah is a young TV star, who was born on 18 July 1992 in none-other than Alaska. He is the fifth child of father Billy Bryan Brown and mother Ami Brown out of the seven children. His father had lost his family at the age of sixteen in a plane crash in 1969. Since then, he survived orphaned.

Later when he turned twenty-six, he married 15 years old young Ami, Noah's mother. Billy was already married before his now-wife.

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Noah, before the show, was identified with his nickname ‘N.D’. What made him more concerning is that he had a severe injury in the past before the show, which led him to walk with a cane. Sadly, the injury appeared before the first season of the show and happened to never leave Noah. As of now, he is renowned as a romantic Mr. Fix-It. He made his first appearance in the show on 6 May 2014 during the show’s pilot episode. 

Noah’s Wife, Wedding?

Those who are fans of Noah mainly ladies might find it hurtful as Noah is married now and his wife's name is Rhain Alisha. Her real name is Ruth Alisha Merrill.

Noah got engaged with his ladylove on 17 April 2017 at the sunset scene in Juneau. He had set a surprise engagement proposal for his beloved Rhain while hiking to Juneau. The ring was sculpted on Noah’s design. Later on 15 August 2018, he and his fiancée exchanged the marriage vows. The date of their wedding was set on the occasion of the second anniversary of their first meet in Hoonah.

Wedding Pic: Noah Brown with his wife Rhein and his parents Billy and Ami at their wedding on 15 August 2018. (Source:

Like the beautiful love-life the pair shares, their wedding was also equally beautiful. Their wedding pics are transparent to evident their grand and happy wedding. The wedding venue was decorated with white, black and deep purple colors; meanwhile, the food and dessert were facilitated by Famous Willie’s BBQ and Stacy’s Cakes. The bride and groom looked ever gorgeous in their wedding outfit from David’s Bridal. They took their spiritual vows in front of twenty-five people, who were mostly families.

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Despite their happy marriage and confidential family bonds, his younger sisters Rain and Snowbird have no impression of their sister-in-law. His younger sister Rain Brown accused his wife of stealing her name. Since then, the audience could smell the queer in the family.

Later, in March 2019 when he and his wife moved to colorado along with their newborn son Elijah Conner Brown (born six months after their wedding), fans and media were sure that Rhain and Snowbird had a serious fight and the pair wanted to escape their son from the family drama.

Noah Brown’s Net Worth

Since the Brown family had bought 400 acres of land in Washington, many audiences did wonder how much their net worth is. Well, the discovery network is paying a quite handsome salary to the Brown family for featuring in their channel.

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The patriarch of the family, Billy and Ami are estimated to make $500,000 and his brothers are expected to make $150,000 expect Joshua who earns $300,000. His sister Rain has $8000-$15000 and Snowbird gets $60,000 per episode. Besides all of them, Noah’s net worth is a little less. He reportedly makes $65000 annually from the show.