Noel Gugliemi Net Worth, Wife, Children

The Hollywood on-screen gangster Noel was born on 12 November 1975 in Santa Monica, CA....He is happily married to his beautiful wife named Tomasa....Noel is estimated to have a net worth of about $750 thousand as of 2019...

Noel Gugliemi Net Worth, Wife, Children

Noel Gugliemi is one of the most recognized faces in the Hollywood industry. He is best known for his gangsters' role as Hector in The Fast and the Furious series. However, Noel on-screen appearance is contrary to his off-screen life- he is kind, caring, and very down to earth in real life.

His outstanding performance and dedication in his work have not gone unnoticed. Noel has gained wide acclamation for his thriving acting crafts in the movies. Training Day, Bruce Almighty, The Dark Night Rises, Fresh of the Boat, Purge Anarchy are some of his major hits films.

Net worth

Popular for his roles mostly of criminals and gangsters, Noel has contributed his acting in many of the hit movies since the 90s. Initiating career though movie Get Real, his face rised the height of success when he got the character of Hector in the film The Fast and the Furious in 2001. His few acting credits on TV shows and movie includes Mayans MC, Pocket Listing, Furious 7 and few more.

In 2019, the Santa Monica-native is working on his upcoming action-drama crime movie Lazarus.

Apart from acting, he is also dedicated to producing, writing, digital content creation, and comedy. Besides, he is active in giving speeches and currently conducts speeches at churches. 

With his energetic involvement in almost every entertainment field, Noel is estimated to have a net worth of about $750 thousand as of 2019. Because of his remarkable contribution to Hollywood, he was even invited to join the Academy of Modern Picture Arts and Science back in 2017.

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Wife, Children

To dismay all the fans curiosity, Noel is a proud husband and a father.

He is happily married to his beautiful wife named Tomasa. After her split with former partner, she found Noel, and soon they started dating. Following their marriage, they got blessed with a bundle of joy Noelle who has now grown adult. Her birthday falls on 4 April.

Wife: Noel Gugliemi with his wide Tomasa, visited the GBK gift lounge in April 2015 California. (Photo: 

Noel's romance with his wife is a kind of a mystery to fans. However, in an interview with Donna Clayton in 2016, he along with his spouse spilled the beans of their marriage and their love story.

As confirmed in the interview, Noel was the one who proposed Tomasa. When he first met his wife, he was going downhill on his life. He was impressed by Tomasa who gave importance to him as a person rather than a superstar.

On the other hand, Noel's humbleness and beliefs upon god attracted his spouse Tomasa. Regardless of Tomasa's dark past (she was abused by her partner and was a dancer at a club), he still wanted to be with her. This built the strong bond among the pair and eventually, in November 2008 the love duo got married.

As of now, the family of the trio are savoring their lifestyle.

Bio, Parents

The Hollywood on-screen gangster Noel was born on 12 November 1975 in Santa Monica, CA. As of now, his age is 44 years and has a hulk appearance and a bald head with a mustache. He stands a height of 1.77 meters.  

Noel, whose real name is Noel Albert Gugliemi, is a son of an Italian-American father and an American-Mexican mother. However, further information regarding his parents is yet to reveal except the fact that his mother has cancer and has been fighting for cancer for more than a decade.

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Although Noel has posted a picture along with his mother talking about her condition a year ago in January, he hasn't updated anything regarding her lately. So it is yet to know about his mother's health. He possesses a Christianity religion.