Omar Gosh Wiki, Real Name, Wife, Net Worth

By WN Writer | Updated On: 19 Apr, 2021
Omar Gosh Wiki, Real Name, Wife, Net Worth

Who would’ve thought that exploring haunted houses and posting videos on YouTube would allure the attention of audiences?

But Omar Gosh has proved through his channel that such contents are a unique concept on the platform.

Wiki- Real Name

Omar Gosh was born on 14 March 1982 in central Florida near Tampa. He is a famous internet personality who has two YouTube channels, with one over 3.83M subscribers and the other with 996K subscribers. The channels go by the name OmarGoshTV and The Omar Gosh Vlogs. 

As both his channels and social media accounts have the name Omar Gosh, we think his real name is also Omar Gosh        

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Starting his career as a hairdresser, he jumped onto the media industry with his YouTube channel 'OmarGoshTV' that began on 28th November 2011. The channel is about adventures of haunted locations all around the U.S. exploring scary history and legends. Some of his famous videos include Waverly Hills sanatorium, Eastern State Penitentiary, Queen Mary Spook, Hill Biltmore, and Real Monster Living In My Pool, etc.

His second channel 'The Omar Gosh Vlogs' started on the 19th of June 2013. The platform gets uploaded daily with random home videos. His most view-grossing vlog videos include Secretly Filming Dog & Cat Shelter, Embarrassing My Son At School, and Finding Money In Car Wash Vacuums.

Net Worth

Making money just by entertaining an audience with thrilling videos appears to be awkward. But, for the content creator OmarGoshTV, the idea of making such videos is paying income and fame co-parallelly.

Two of his successful YouTube channels have helped Omar to live his life without worrying too much about monetary affairs. His channel OmarGoshTV is estimated to pay him a yearly income between $178.8K  -  $2.9M. Additionally, the vlog channel adds to his revenue with expected values of $4K  -  $63.6K annually.

So it is for sure that Omar has a net worth of millions.  

Family Details

The social media star Omar has a small but tight-knitted family that holds its roots in Florida.

The family has a younger sister and a younger brother. His brother is married to Shadia— they got married somewhere in August of 2018. As it happens, his sister is married too, and her husband works as a security bouncer.

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All the siblings share a special relationship with their mother to this day. And their social media posts clearly explain the fact.

Relationship- Married, Divorce?

With unfortunate circumstances, Omar and his wife Melissa divorced in 2018.

He and Melissa had married on the 6th of April in 2003. Their wedding details and how they got acquainted with each other are unavailable, but it is known that they share three children, namely Max, 19,  Ethan, 18, and Melia, 17.

For the last time, the estranged couple had celebrated their 14th Anniversary in April 2017. Later in November 2018, OmarGoshTV confirmed via Twitter that he and his wife, Melissa, were getting a divorce. Despite their divorce, they have no hatred feeling for one another. Both were mutually involved in the divorce and wished each other good luck for further endeavors.

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Regarding their children, all three of them seem to have grown up pretty well. Sons Max and Ethan are 18 and 17 years whereas a daughter Melia has turned the age of 16 as of 2019m respectively. They often appear on Omar’s videos on YouTube.


Moving on from the tragic divorce, Omar found a new love. His new girlfriend Tiphanie was introduced to the fans via Instagram.

The exact date of their love inauguration is not known, but they began sharing their intimacy on Instagram in January 2019.

The couple dated for some time and got engaged on May 2019.


His fiance Tiphanie has two children- Ariona and Boston with her former husband.