Pat McNamara Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

By Aditya Rana | Updated On: 01 Oct, 2020
Pat McNamara Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Facts

Pat McNamara is a former Delta Force Soldier who has spent more than half of his life on special operation forces. He has spent 22 years as Special Operator,13 years in the first S.F.O.D.D., and also has worked in hostile fires and mines areas in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

McNamara's other foremost missions are uncountable. With these long years of incredible experience in the military, Pat is considered an ideal marksman, and he trains marksmanship and military arts to primary arm forces. 


The man who plays with AK47 and AR15 was born in 1965, according to his Instagram bio. So as of now, his age is 55 years, but he still is active and energetic like a young teenager. It is all his years of training from his profession as a military man that Pat McNamara gets enough good exercise and fit life. Furthermore, he also goes to the gym and does more work out there.

Pat is the author of the T.A.P.S. (Tactical Application of Practical Shooting. He retired from the premier hostage rescue unit as a Sergeant Major (Army). 

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Married- Wife? 

The fierce and gentleman that every girl goes insane is no more a bachelor. Pat McNamara married stylist and Billiard enthusiast Rebecca McNamara.

He and his wife Rebecca looks so happy in each other's company; however, Rebecca looks slightly younger than Pat though his wife's age is not disclosed. Despite their age differences, they do shares their romantic pictures on their Instagrams often. On 14 May of 2019, Pat shared a funny yet cute photo of him and his wife celebrating their anniversary together.

Anniversary: Pat and his wife Rebecca, celebrating their anniversary. (Source: Pat's Instagram)

Since their actual wedding date and anniversary picture's date is not the same, many of his fans wondered if the couple was celebrating their love anniversary or marriage anniversary. As to clear the doubt, the love duo reportedly got married in 2016.

As of now, Pat and his beautiful spouse relish wonderful life together.

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Facts- Work Out

Pat gets enough exercise from his profession as a trainer of marksmanship. His hard work as a fitness freak has maintained his weight to 205 lb with the height of 5'11". 

However, he doesn't seem to be satisfied with the amount of exercise he gets from his work. Therefore, McNamara has joined the gym and does an extreme workout. His Instagram's posts are enough to evidence how obsessed he is with fitness. Furthermore, his YouTube channel, "Pat Mac," also shows how serious he is in fitness and workout.

Pat McNarama's Net Worth

Pat has more than two decades of experience in the Special Operations, out of which he spent 13 years in the 1st SFOD-D. He was one of the best marksmen and accurate shooter with tactical effectiveness and lethal results during his time in the premier special missions unit. His ample experience in combat zones/hostile fire has helped him train individuals at basic and advanced levels of combat tactics and marksmanship, whether that be varsity level soldiers or police officers. 

His time in the military taught him the importance of tactical marksmanship than merely pulling the trigger. 

After quitting the Special Delta Force Operation in 2005, Pat didn't let his years of experience and knowledge within him. He founded his training and fitness corporation, marksmanship company affiliated to N.R.A., C.M.P., and U.S.P.S.A. His company provides a safe, effective, and combat relevant training methodology. It teaches how to be protective and secure at all times and choose targets that force responsibility. This led him beneficial in both ways—he got to continue his interest and also earns some cash in return.

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Additionally, Pat also makes his earnings from his YouTube channel, which has more than 81k subscribers and total views of 4,219,151. As a U.S. army and a trainer, his estimated average net worth is estimated to be $58k.