Paul Heyman Net Worth 2019, Salary, Wife, Daughter

By Prabesh Niroula | Updated On: 20 Aug, 2019
Paul Heyman Net Worth 2019, Salary, Wife, Daughter

Wrestling is a widely cherished entertainment industry. The athletes involved in this sport are highly sought-after and adulated. Woefully, some people often miss the communal limelight despite their significance. One such crucial name is Paul Haney. Popularly known as Paul E. Dangerously among the WCW and ECU fans, he is a man with vivid professional absorption.

He is the wrestling manager, promoter, who has managed celebrity wrestlers including, Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle and Triple H. He once served as a New York City nightclub promoter.

Net Worth- 2019

Before getting into figures, let's dig some past events that led to the success of this businessman. While some people embark on their industrial life later in their 20s, Paul started his path at an early age- since his elementary school phase. What can an elementary kid possibly do? Well, he ran a memorabilia occupation at his home. Some years later, he started dealing with publications and marketers as a photojournalist.

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Talking about his post-graduation period, he spent some time working for a radio station but started again as a photographer and writer sometime later.

The man found his true calling when he got involved as a commentator/broadcaster. Meanwhile, Paul's career took a route of success when he stepped in the wrestling community until 1988 as announcer and manager. Afterward, the triumph was in his favor. He served for WWE, WCW, and ECW.

Paul Heyman on the set of Wrestling (

As of 2019, it was confirmed that Paul and Eric Bischoff are named as the executive directors of flagship brands Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

Inarguably, his net worth and salary are the reflection of the hardships and trials he has gone through. Now, he accumulates an estimated wealth of $10 million.

Wife & Daughter

Scarsdale, New York-native Paul Heyman and his wife Marla Heyman tied the knot several years ago. The information regarding their marriage date and how the couple met is still shrouded in mystery. What we do know is that Paul was not married until the year 2012, as evident from his Twitter post. 

Together, they shared two adorable kids, Azela and Jacob.

(Photo: Twitter)

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Unfortunately, Paul and Marla are no longer together. The situation that led to the crumbled marriage is a topic undisclosed to the general public. In case you are wondering about the children's’ whereabouts, Paul holds the custody.

Fast forward to 2019, Paul is unmarried and resides in Scarsdale, New York with his two children.


Here are a few facts to which you might be unaware of;

  1. Profession: Paul Heyman or the “man behind the mic” is someone who has invested his 31 years of professionalism in the pro wrestling sphere. His debut dates back to 1987. 

  2. Education: He graduated from Edgemont High School and got his college degree from Westchester Community College.

  3. Measurements: Heyman, who is 53 years old, stands at a height 1.79m and have a weight of about 232lbs (105 Kg).

  4. Career Highlights: Paul's some of the career credits include WWF Broadcaster(2001), Brock Lesnar Manager(2002), General Manager of Smackdown(2003-2004), Managing(2004-2005), Ohio Valley Wrestling(2005-2006), and WWE RAW(2012- present).

  5. Movie: Not only wrestling but he had also made a debut in the science fiction sports film Rollerball(2002) as a sports announcer.