Quinton Anderson Reynolds Wiki, Net Worth, Family

Quinton was born in California-area hospital in 1988. On the 3rd day of his birth, he was officially adopted....Quinton Anderson is 31 years old, legal enough to get married....is the cameraman assistant in Hollywood, so he might earn a considerable amount of salary...

Quinton Anderson Reynolds Wiki, Net Worth, Family

Not from blood but by heart, Quinton Anderson Reynolds had been closely attached to father Burt Reynolds. Burt, who is a successful Hollywood star, adopted Quinton on the third day of his birth and since the day he rose to the prominence as his son.

Quinton is professionally involved in Hollywood as a cameraman assistant. Learn more to find out about Quinton’s bio, net worth, and family.

Wiki, Bio

Quinton was born in California-area hospital in 1988. On the 3rd day of his birth, he was officially adopted by the Boogie Nights' superstar Burt and his then-wife Loni Anderson. Since Burt had no biological child from his first marriage either, they decided to adopt a baby. Better late than never, at the age of 52, Burt adopted Quinton.

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At present, Quinton has set his career as a camera assistant in Hollywood and lives with his mother, Loni in California. Although Quinton has been living a private life out of media, he is still recognized worldwide as a son of Burt but somehow his personal information. However, on his physical appearance and height, he is few inches shorter than his father.

Is Quinton Married?

As of now, Quinton Anderson is 31 years old, legal enough to get married. However, Quinton doesn't prefer to reveal his relationship status regardless of knowing many of his fans are concern about it. He has also low-keyed his love life with girlfriend, so it is quite complicated to fetch information about his private life like what is he doing besides assisting the camera, who is his girlfriend or is he married yet?

Hopefully, someday he will clear all these curiosities of his and his father, Burt's fans.

Family Background: Siblings 

Quinton has been out of reach with his biological parents ever since his birth, however, this did not seem to affect Quinton as he got all the love and affection from his adoptive parents Burt and Loni who took care of him as like their blood. 

His father Burt married Loni in 1988 despite her having a daughter from her ex-husband. So technically, Quinton has a sibling named Diedra Hoffman. However, shortly after five years of togetherness, Quinton's parents divorced in 1993 with Burt’s agreement to pay a large sum of monthly for support. The reason behind the end of their marital relationship is not disclosed but drew headlines when Burt filed for bankruptcy by Lona in 1996. 

Father-son: Quinton with his father Actor Burt Reynolds on the premier of the picture The Longest Yard in May 2005. (Photo: Foxnews.com)

Their divorced led Quinton to face difficulties co-operating with his parents. He had to shift with his mother in California, leaving his father behind in Florida. While in California, Quinton and his father couldn't spend time together like before; as a result, Quinton’s bond with his father slowly starts fading. Out of frustration of being away from his son, Burt accused his wife of brainwashing Quinton.

The process kept going until Burt died due to uncertain cardiac arrest in 2018 September at the age of 82. It was stated that Burt had been facing health issues since long and had gone through a heart surgery too. Because of his major health issues, the once highest-paid actor was forced to face financial problems.

Despite facing financial trouble and hurdles with his son, he still managed to leave a trust for his son. Later after his death, his wife and son made a statement with Fox News saying that they would sadly miss Burt.

Career/Net Worth

Quinton Anderson reportedly is the cameraman assistant in Hollywood so that he might earn a considerable amount of salary from his career. But, his net worth is still under the radar. However, as being a son of a late 70s star Burt, Quinton might relish the wealth earned by his late father Burt.

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Before his death in 2018, Burt’s net worth was estimated to have only $3 million, which was his least earnings in his entire life. With the money he earned during the 80s, he bought several mansions in Beverly Hills, a 160-acre ranch in Florida where he had 150 horses. He also had invested in a family business where he faced losses more than his investment.

Surprisingly, it came to that state where Burt had to sell his mansions for clearing his debt and for his health treatment. Where all his property gone are still a mystery for his fans.