Riley Burruss Bio, Family, Dating, Net Worth

By Prabesh Niroula | Published On: 11 Oct, 2019
Riley Burruss Bio, Family, Dating, Net Worth

Celebrities are well-respected for their contribution in the designated fields. They continuously get public attention and camera flashes.

Generally, they have the choice to avoid public appearances, but the one thing they cannot prevent is their wingspan hovering over their children.

The firstborn daughter of the famous singer Kandi Burruss, Riley, has hit the internet scene with her talent and authenticity.

She is only a teenager and aspires to become a law affiliate professional in the coming days.

Her Bio: Age, Parents

Reality star Riley Burruss was born on the 22nd of August, 2002, in Georgia. The 17-year-old star was born under the Leo star family. 

Her parents are TV stars themselves; Riley’s mother, Kandi Burruss, is an R&B singer by profession. She appeared in the reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her notable hits include No Scrubs and Bills, Bills, Bills

When it comes to Riley's relationship with her father, Russell Block Spencer, things are not quite well.

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The two do not share a warm relation, and according to Kandi, it is partially because Russell didn’t spend much time with his daughter.

He rarely communicates with her and her daughter. Despite all this, Kandi thinks that Riley should give her father a chance to reconsider the distance between them. 

As for her relationship with step-father Todd, Riley does not like staying under the same roof with him. She thinks Todd is manipulative and self-centered.

She thinks the man is using her mother as an opportunity to rise in fame. Although Kandi is trying her best to settle the differences, Riley wants an apartment of her own.

Sources indicate that Kandi is planning a second child with her current husband through surrogacy, and this has left Riley in a dilemma.

She thinks that with more siblings on the way, she will be getting less of motherly love. Well, it is only feasible for Riley to get worried over such matters as she doesn't have a love of a father.

Riley Burruss' Education, Weight Loss

There is little to nothing known about Riley's early education.

However, it is known that the girl is in high school and has already plans for future studies. She has an interest in studying law, and her mother is thoroughly thrilled with the idea of her daughter becoming an attorney.

She added that Riley could debate and had a competitive personality.

Riley is currently an intern for a law firm in NY city and has also visited Stanford law College for field experience. 

Besides impressing the world with her aspirations, Riley has also showcased some hardcore inspiration and encouragement, especially with her weight loss.

Riley proved the world that she was the child of a strong woman when she shed 52 lbs weight in 2018.

Riley Burruss’ weight transformation(Photo: Kandi Burruss' Instagram)

In eight months, the then-15-year-old teenager dropped from 220 lbs to 168 lbs, matching her height.

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Her mother didn't shy away to share this proud moment on her Instagram.

Internet Shaming

On the occasion of her 17th birthday in 2019, Riley had asked her fans for donations via the phone, sharing the application, Cash App.

But little did she know that she was about to get a lot of shaming for the share. Fans trolled her about asking for money in spite of her wealthy mother.

To this, Kandi supported her daughter and said it was typical for a teenager to involve in such activities. She later gifted her daughter a Porsche SUV.

A few days after her birthday, the girl posted that she would be giving $500 via the same app to a chosen follower. Some fans were supportive, while some were still bitter about the previous incident.

Riley’s net worth has not surfaced publicly, but she is already on her path to get one. As for her current assets, she receives estimated earnings of $109-$1.7K via her youtube channel.

On the other hand, her mother enjoys a total net worth of $35 million, and her step-father carries an estimated $200K


Riley is a teenager, and it is normal for a girl in her puberty period to get interested in the opposite sex or in some cases, the same sex.

Well, the girl seems to have a private romantic life, provided it exists.

No public sightings have been found regarding her dating life. Fans might get to know about her boyfriend in the days to come.

Nevertheless, it is upto Riley to reveal the news on the media.