Slim Jesus Wiki, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Dead or Alive

By Prakriti Shrestha | Published On: 13 Nov, 2018
Slim Jesus Wiki, Age, Real Name, Net Worth, Dead or Alive

Slim Jesus is the American rapper who uses creativity to portray violence in his songs. He artistically shows the shootings, murder scenes, playing with firearms, and other lethal weapons in the music videos of his songs.

There are many secrets hidden with the name Slim Jesus. Let's go through some of his reality and know more about his personal life.

Slim Jesus’s Real Name And Bio

The rapper’s real name is Easton Phillips; Slim Jesus is the name given to him by his friends. He first named himself as Swag Jesus to get the attention, but later his friends changed it to Slim Jesus as he was very skinny. He is influenced by the famous rappers like Eminem, so he is also called “New Eminem.” Even his facial features match with the legendary rapper and is often compared to him by his fans on the social media.

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He celebrates his birthday on 10 April and was born in Ohio in 1997 to a very creative mother. As per wiki, his mother was an artist who raised him solely. He attended Hamilton School in the city, which was later shut down by ex-president George Bush. The American rapper stands at the height of 1.73 meters.

As a child, he had a difficult time. He had to go through a lot and is commendable how he managed to earn fame despite all the hardships after the separation of his parents. He was raised in a ghetto surrounding with gang members in every corner of the city. Well, his hardships and surroundings are reflected in his music.

How Much Is Slim's Net Worth?

Being raised in a Ghetto society, his music is inspired by violence. We usually do not see white people going into “Drill Rap” genre, which is a genre of rap where the music is focused on weapons and murders. But Slim Jesus came out to be an exception and got famous with it.

The rapper has accumulated a small net worth of 400,000 dollars. People make a lot of fortune from the rap industry, but Slim has not been successful in doing so. But the fact that he earned the amount at a young age cannot be ignored.

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Slim Jesus posted a picture with a bundle of money in July 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

He started appearing in public as a rapper when he uploaded his first video in his YouTube channel, ImSlimJesus. It was in 2015 that he released his first super hit single “Drill Time.” Since then, he has been uploading many songs, covers, and music videos. He has also been accused of using illegal items in his video. But he explains it saying those guns are just the prop for the video and it has nothing to with his real life.

After Drill Time, he is best known for his controversial video “Buck Buck”.

Is Slim Jesus Dead Or Alive?

Meanwhile, there was news over the media saying that the Drill rapper is shot and dead. But the news was proved to be a rumor later on. It was just the scam on the Internet to promote him for his next single.

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It is said that the rapper himself spread the rumor to create the buzz around the town. Though Slim Jesus, 21, supposed that the news of him being shot would help him increase the fame, he already had, but this backfired him. Many of his fans unfollowed him saying “fake thug wannabe.”