Sophie Hawley-Weld Bio, Married, Nationality, Net Worth

One of the duos, Sophie Hawley-Weld, has over 32.6 thousand followers on her Instagram...her possible boyfriend Richie Crowley shared their first picture in 2015....Born on 17 May 1992, Pop singer Sophie Hawley-Weld is a name that surely rings a bell...Together they managed to collect $20,000 for Planned Parenthood....

Sophie Hawley-Weld Bio, Married, Nationality, Net Worth

Pop music may not be everybody's cup of tea, but those who do love the genre have definitely come across the famous couple, Sophie and Tucker. Their style is more accurately known as House, which includes electronic dance music. Their music has made its way to Apple mobile commercial and game promotion.

One of the duos, Sophie Hawley-Weld has over 32.6 thousand followers on her Instagram. Besides music, she is an excellent drummer too which she learned in her days as a Brown University student. Her other qualities include fluency in Portuguese and development studies.

Bio (Age)- Family

Born on 17 May 1992, Pop singer Sophie Hawley-Weld is a name that surely rings a bell to pop fans. Judging from her date of birth, we can say that the singer is now 28 in age. She seems to have an average height; few inches shorter than Richie Crowley, her alleged boyfriend. She holds German nationality, but the artist almost thinks for a few minutes before she can reply to her origins.

In the family, Sophie has an elder brother Nico. Her father, David, and mother named Lisa seem very supportive of her career.

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As a child, she has attended several international school communities. Her family has moved through different places, including Italy, Germany, Canada, and Brazil. She, however, shared that she loved Brazil for its musical environment. As for her parents, they currently reside in the Netherlands.

As a student, Hawley always loved basketball but couldn’t continue her athletic career due to health complications.

Career Journey

Sophie’s career is incomplete without her music partner Tucker Halpern. The duo started their journey from an art gallery coincident meeting. They composed their first track Drinkee under the album Soft Animals which was written in Brazilian and sung in Portuguese. The song was massively successful and even gained a Grammy nomination in 2016.

Their next bombarding song Best Friend got featured in a smartphone advertisement and made its way into the Billboard Hot 10. Their debut LP Treehouse was released in 2018 and guess what? It got them nominated for the Grammys once again. The following years the duo took part in collaborations with artists like Pabllo Vittar, the knocks, and ZHU in 2019. 

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Married Or Not?

Despite her majority of time composing with her music partner Tucker, the artist Sophie Hawley-Weld seems to make time for personal priorities. Her possible boyfriend Richie Crowley shared their first picture in 2015.

Both of them have not publicly announced one another as a partner, but the cozy pictures indicate otherwise. They often share their enjoying moments via social media. Recently on 20 May, they enjoyed their moments in St. George and gave the glimpses via Instagram. As seen in the picture, the pair were cuddling up with each other and sharing kisses.

Sophie and her supposed boyfriend(Photo: Sophie’s Instagram)

And if you are wondering to know about thier marital status, then it's big 'No.' But who knows? We might see Richie as her husband soon.

Net Worth & Tour

It is of no surprise that artists accumulate their wealth from their labels, tours, and contracts. Sophie and Tucker have their hands full with several trips across the globe.

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They announced their world tour in 2019 with the name R.I.P Shame. The tour will donate some amount for mental health issues. Their previous tour TreeHouse with partner PLUS1 also gave charity amount to support Planned Parenthood. Together they managed to collect $20,000 for Planned Parenthood.

Thus, the duo makes an incredible amount of cash with their shows. Their merchandise sales further add up to their net worth