Sydney Tamiia Poitier Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend and Net Worth

By Staff Writer | Published On: 19 Oct, 2016
Sydney Tamiia Poitier Wiki, Married, Husband or Boyfriend and Net Worth

Sydney Tamiia Poitier is equally beautiful as her name is, she is the gorgeous celebrity who has gained huge popularity and fame all because of the unique acting skill she has portrayed on the screen. She was born on the fifteenth of November, in 1973, in Los Angeles. She is an American nationality whose ethnicity has never come between her identity as an actress. She was born to Sidney Poitier who himself was a very well known actor and thus, this actress has also used his name to her. Because her father and mother both were in the acting field, they were the huge influence in her life and that always kept her motivated to do her best in the career she also chose because she had the responsibility to carry on the respect that her parents had already gained.

Poitier decided to enter the world of acting and because she knew that is difficult to sustain in the industry, she joined Tisch School of Arts and gained her degree for acting. She knew that having studied acting would make it a little easier for her to do her best. Poiter chose a drama series called First Years as her entrance in the television. Though the show had to be canceled, we can certainly tell that those who had seen her perform must have liked her. She worked for Joan of Arcadia and Veronica Mars. These shows gave her the taste of how it was like to dedicate her time for the shows.

Poitier’s net worth as of today has reached to $5 million. Because she aimed to refine herself as an actress and honed her skills, she has been able to get that much of fame and worth. In the past decade, she has worked actively for television shows like Chicago P. D., Kendra, Hawaii Five-O, Supah Ninjas, etc. These are the works from which people can take huge inspiration from and learn from her mistakes and strengths to get to the height of success that she has been able to reach today. For the young stars who are born in the family where any of the parents are also from the industry, it will be pressure to do work to meet the standard set and hence, Poitier has proven that she can do it.

Poitier can be acknowledged as a committed celebrity who have given her best in the relationship that she chose to continue in the future. She had been dating her boyfriend who was a musician by profession and understood the industry that Poitier was working in. They complemented each other and got married in 2012. This couple is happy to be each other's husband and wife. They also have a daughter who has added more happiness in their life since 2015. Poitier is not very active on the social network. She can’t be found on Instagram or Twitter. But we can speculate that if this hot celebrity were there on these social networks, she would have got the love and support from million of fans and followers. More about her can be found on Wikipedia.