Sylvia Perez Married, Husband, Parents, Age

By Ravi Lama | Published On: 18 Feb, 2019
Sylvia Perez Married, Husband, Parents, Age

Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, Sylvia Perez has always been the supporter of feminism. Carrying a Hispanic descent, she dares to move one step forward from the woman dominating society and continue to use her maiden name as "Perez" to outline her identity as well as not to depart from her family origination.

Professionally, Sylvia is recognized as an anchor for the weekend editions of WFLD-TV (FOX 32) network. She is also former co-anchor of the Chicago's WLS-TV.

Sylvia Perez Married, Keeps Her Maiden Name Instead Of Husband!

In this Patriarchy social system, Sylvia Perez, age 57, is among those women who have set the example of contemporary feminism by preferring to use her maiden name even after her marriage.

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After Sylvia got married to Chicago-native Daniel Blasdell, a former member of the 'Chicago Board of Trade,' she made one of the hardest decision in her life, which was continuing to use her maiden name instead of her husband's.

Sylvia Perez's husband, Daniel Blasdell (Photo: Linkedin)

Over the years, she got lost of grief from the people for insulting her husband. Most of the women even considered the decision made by her as an absurdity. However, Sylvia on her blog post named 'Sylvia Perez Productions' revealed the reason behind the facts to use her maiden name.

In the blog posted on 21 April 2015, she gave the reason behind her extreme decision. She told that she wanted to carry on with her family name. Being a Hispanic woman, Sylvia's maiden name as 'Perez' was the only way that identifies herself.

During the beginning of a married relationship, her husband wasn't happy with her decision. But fortunately, Daniel respected Sylvia's decision and remained supportive and helped her to establish Sylvia Perez Production.

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Sylvia and her husband are parents of their two lovely daughters. Both of her youngsters have kept their maiden name as middle name, and she affirms that things are working well though it sounds confusing. She told that her kids are even in love with their last name, which connects them to their root. However, Sylvia has left her daughters to decide by themselves to choose the last name in between the husband's name and family name. Deep inside, she hopes that her daughters would keep her last name with them forever.

How Much Is Sylvia Perez's Net Worth?

Sylvia Perez has been accumulating the net worth as a broadcast journalist. According to, an estimated salary of the FOX news anchor is approximately $63,452. Sylvia was hired as the anchor for the weekend editions for WFLD-TV (FOX 32) in 2016.

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In June 1989, former KPRC journalist joined ABC 7, where she co-anchored the 11 AM newscast on Chicago's WLS-TV. After 24 years serving for the network, she was released from the network after the show, 11 am newscast was canceled.

Sylvia's Bio

Sylvia was born on 17 November 1961 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Completing education from high school, Sylvia went to the University of Oklahoma where she completed her graduation with majoring in Radio, TV, and Film. After her graduation, she began her career in Journalism in 1983. The 57 years old journalist worked in Houston and Amarillo, Texas. She served as weekend co-anchor for KPRC-TV in Houston. 

Sylvia even launched her own production company, Sylvia Perez Productions and has been working on to provide video training and media coaching. Sylvia has low-keyed the details about her height and body measurements.