Tammy Baldwin Wife, Partner, Family, Net Worth

Tammy Baldwin, a girl tortured with osteomyelitis at the age of 9, later established herself as the senator of Wisconsin...Defeating her opposition Tommy Thompson, Tammy Baldwin emerged as the first openly gay U.S senator in 2012...Recent details about Tammy’s net worth could not be found but 2015 stats indicate $423,502 as her estimated worth...Tammy Baldwin was born on the 11th of February, 1962 in Madison, Wisconsin...

Tammy Baldwin Wife, Partner, Family, Net Worth

Tammy Baldwin, a girl, tortured with osteomyelitis at the age of 9, later established herself as the senator of Wisconsin. Tammy, who is also first openly gay U.S Senator, is open about her sexuality and works for LGBT rights and dignity. 

Her struggle through childhood blemishes, and her journey to the top is definitely worth your time. Scroll down for more!

Gay-Couple; Wife

The 62-year-old senator had been associated with her ex-wife, Lauren Azar since the late 1990s. The couple shared their wedding vows in 1998; however, the officials denied the relationship at the time as same-sex marriage was illegal in Wisconsin.

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Despite the denials, the lovebirds registered themselves as domestic partners and treasured their romantic life for fifteen years. However, the couple broke off their marital status 'domestic partnership' in 2010 and parted on their ways. Neither of the couples had any public comment about their dispatch. 

Tammy’s ex-partner has been serving as an Owner and Advisor at Azar Consulting LLC since 2015. As for Tammy, she was seen posing a picture with congresswoman Katie Hill on Valentines' Day. Also, she was the member of the Wisconsin Public Service Commission. 

(Photo: Rep. Katie Porter's Twitter)

Currently, she shares a single life with no clues of her possible dating concerns and love interests and spends her time with friends. Concerning the Twitter updates, she celebrated the 2019 Valentines' Day with the US Senator, Tammy Duckworth.

Net Worth; The US Senator

The 2015 stats indicated the total net worth of Tammy Baldwin was $423,502 as her estimated value. However, the actual fortune of the US Senate is not up to the date as of 2019. Besides, she has been living a luxury life as a politician and working towards personal and professional development.

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Tammy, who is also a member of the Democratic Party, previously served as the US representative for Wisconsin's 2nd district for nearly one and a half-decade (1999 to 2013). Later, Tammy Baldwin emerged as the first openly gay U.S senator in 2012 by defeating her opposition, Tommy Thompson. Her victory marked the beginning of a new era where LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) communities had their voice in the Senate. 

Asides from sexual equality issues, she also revolted against unfair outsourcing job deals which were hindering the wage growth for Wisconsinites. Her recent activity includes meeting the Water Council and addressing Wisconsin’s drinking water struggle. Currently, she focuses on the political and economic growth of the state.

Bio, Family, And Education 

Tammy Baldwin was born 1962 in Madison, Wisconsin and she celebrates her birthday on the 11th of February. Her mother, Pamela-Bin-Rella, was just nineteen years old and overwhelmed with the wheels of a ruptured relationship when Tammy was born. She was brought up by her grandparents due to her mother’s poor mental condition and substance abuse. Her grandfather, David Green(passed in 1983) was a biochemist, and her Nana, Doris Green(passed in 2001) worked as a head costume designer for UW Theater.

As for her parents(then-college students), they broke off their marital knot soon after Tammy’s birth. Tammy and her teen-mother(19) were then taken care of by their maternal grandparents. Currently, her mother, Pamela Bin-Rella(70) lives in Minneapolis and is a retired social worker. Her father, Joseph E.Baldwin Jr., sadly passed away in 1986 as a heart attack victim.

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Tammy attended Madison West High and eventually graduated from Smith College. She later worked in the Wisconsin governor’s firm before her enrollment at the Wisconsin Law School for Law education.