Everything About Telli Swift, Deontay Wilder's Partner & WAG TV Star

Telli Swift, the former XXotic Angels model is worldwide popular for her remarkable presence in the reality series WAGS Atlanta that premiered on 3 January 2018. Also, she is an entrepreneur and so-called “fempowerist” . Also, she is a  former nurse, she holds the esteemed record of serving at Beverly Hills Surgeons’ recovery unit. 

Everything About Telli Swift, Deontay Wilder's Partner & WAG TV Star

Telli Swift, a former XXotic Angels model, is famous for her presence in the reality series, WAGS Atlanta- which premiered on 3 January 2018. 

Also, she is an entrepreneur and a so-called “fempowerist.” Previously, she worked as a nurse and even served at the Beverly Hills Surgeons’ recovery unit. 

Telli Swift’s Wiki And Bio

Born on 24 January 1987, Telli Swift’s first name is Shuntel. Her mother, Vivian Crawford, worked as a nurse; whereas, her father Reginald Swift served in the military. She has a brother named Reginald Jr.

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Telli is originally from Zambales, the Philippines but was raised in Yokosuka, Japan, before finally moving to Los Angeles, California. 

The TV star was only three when she first started modeling.  

Who Is Telli Dating? Partner Details

Telli has been engaged to her long-term boxer boyfriend, Deontay Wilder, since 15 February 2018. The couple had been dating for three years since 2015 when Deontay proposed her on the occasion of their baby daughter’s gender revealing day. Telli eventually gave birth to a daughter named Kaorii Lee on 7 March 2018.


Telli Swift and her fiance, Deontay Wilder (Photo: standard.co.uk)

Telli and her partner had first met at an airport in Los Angeles in 2015. The couple started dating after texting each other for nearly two weeks.

Previous Relationships

Telli was previously married once and even has a son named Kerron from the relationship.

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Likewise, her fiance Deontay was also married to Jessica Scales from 2009 to 2017. Before Jessica, he was also linked with Helen Duncan. In total, Deontay fathers four children from his past relationships: two sons named Deontay Wilder Jr. and Dereon Wilder, and two daughters called Ava and Naieya Wilder.

Quick Facts About Telli Swift & Fiance Deontay

  • Telli is her stage name. 

  • Because of her father’s job, she moved to different places every three months. Among those places, Yokosuka, Japan was where she lived the most.

  • Both Telli’s grandmother and mother were nurses. 

  • She joined the WAGS Atlanta as the fiancee of Deontay Wilder in 2018. 

  • Deontay Wilder was born on 22 October 1985 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 

  • Deontay is the only American boxer- who won a medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics.