Thom Yorke Wife, Children, Net Worth

By Pranish Sumsher Thapa | Updated On: 27 Jun, 2019
Thom Yorke Wife, Children, Net Worth

Thom Yorke is the legendary singer/songwriter of the experimental band Radiohead. There might not be many who have not heard the name Thom Yorke. For well over 20 years, Thom and his band have been making headlines through their soul capturing music. No wonder they have been labeled The Beatles of The 21st Century.

From an early age, Thom found an escape in music, and by the time he was ten years, he had already formed his own band. Not only is Thom a singer, but he is also a master in playing the piano and the bass.

As of now, the 50-years-old singer is revered as one of the most influential figures of music. He was once included in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time".

Wife & Children

Thom Yorke is a legend in the music industry. And his fan base is large as it can ever be. So it comes as no surprise to anyone knowing that he was once in a relationship with long-time wife, Rachel Owen.

Thom and his girlfriend Rachel met while studying at the University of Exeter in 1992. After several years of dating affairs, the love-duo got married in a secretive wedding ceremony held in Oxfordshire in 2003, as per The Times Magazine.

At the time of their secret nuptials, the pair were already parents of a son named Noah. A year later, the family of three were blessed with a bundle of joy, a daughter named Agnes. 

Sadly, the 23 years of intimacy came to an end in August 2015, but the pair maintained an amicable relationship.

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But in a tragic turn of events, Thom’s ex-partner Rachael passed away on 18 December 2016 because of cancer. She was 48 years of age at the time of her death.

Has a Girlfriend?

As of now, Thom Yorke is dating actress Dajana Roncione. They have been together since 2017, and their flourishing love life is evident in their respective social media.

Thom and his Italian girlfriend can be seen accompanying each other in numerous events, shows as well as vacationing together.

Thom Yorke alongside his girlfriend, Dajana Roncione. (Photo:

Could Dajana be the one who Thom finally calls his wife-to-be? Thom Yorke yet has to answer the fans question regarding his relationship.

Career/Net Worth

Thom Yorke is the legendary singer of the band Radiohead. For over 20 years, Thom and his band have taken the world by storm through their soulful music. So it comes as no surprise to find out that they have been labeled The Beatles of The 21st Century. Thom’s came into prominence through Radiohead.

After his parents sent him to an all-boys school in Oxford, he met future Radiohead band members Ed O'Brien and Colin Greenwood who later became the guitarist and bassist for the band. From there, they added Phil Selway on their band to play the drums and Greenwood's multiple instruments playing brother Jonny to join them. And this band Radiohead was born. At first, they called themselves On a Friday later changing it to the now infamous Radiohead.

Their first EP drill was not much of a success. But it was their song Creep that made them a worldwide sensation. Following that, they went on to release two albums, The Bends and Ok Computer which was voted Greatest Album of All Time in the British magazine Q. Their next release Kid A further shot their fame to greater heights, and afterward, they had success after success. Along with singing for Radiohead, Yorke also often joined as a guest on other bands.

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In 2006, he released his solo album Eraser along with assistance from Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. The album was turned out to be a success and was nominated Britain's Mercury Prize and a Grammy Award in the category of Best Alternative Music Album. In 2009, he formed Atoms for Peace which included Godrich on keyboards and production, Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea on bass, Joey Waronker and Mauro Refosco.

Such long years in the industry have helped Yorke amass a massive net worth to his name. As of now, he reportedly had an estimated net worth of $45 million in 2010.

Age, Eye & Height

Thom Yorke's date of birth falls on the 7th of October 1968, and his hometown is in Wellingborough, England. He has a height of 5’ 5”.

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He was born with illness; paralysis of his left eye which left him unable to see with his left eye. But after undergoing numerous surgeries, doctors were able to fix his eyes ailment. And after a year of wearing an eye patch every day, he was able to restore sight back to his eye. His parents and family supported and inspired him to battle against the challenges he faced during his childhood.