Tom Brokaw Married, Wife, Children, Cancer, Health, Illness, Alive

By Staff Writer | Published On: 05 Apr, 2017
Tom Brokaw Married, Wife, Children, Cancer, Health, Illness, Alive

It takes a lot of courage and dedication to stick to a particular thing and in a particular job. Tom Brokaw is one of the longest reigning TV news presenter and anchor beginning in 1960. He was a key person and reporter involved in exposing the Watergate Scandal. He is also the most popular news personality in the US. He has won several awards for his job including an Emmy and also authored many books.

Career And Progression:

The long journey of Tom Brokaw in journalism began with a television career at KTIV in Sioux City, Iowa after which worked on several other stations becoming NBC’s Today Show host from 1976 till 1981.

Brokaw began co-anchoring the NBC Nightly News from New York with Roger Mudd in Washington from 1982. In the course of his job there, he covered Challenger disaster, Loma Prieta earthquake, the fall of Berlin Wall and Hurricane Andrew.

Brokaw ended final Nightly News broadcast in front of 15.7 million viewers on NBC on December 1, 2004. Even after leaving the show, Brokaw stayed at NBC as Special Correspondent and provided periodic reports for Nightly News. He also served as an NBC analyst during the 2008 presidential election campaign.

Net Worth And Salary:

Being the longest reigning and also the most popular TV personality in the country comes with its perks. Tom Brokaw enjoys the salary of $8 million per year and has the net worth of $70 million. Even at the ripe old age of 77, he continues to work until the day. Such hard work and dedication sum up for the huge net worth and salary of the host 

Battle With Cancer And Illness:

Brokaw got hospitalized after appearing on MSNBC's Morning Joe in September 2012 due to poor health. He confirmed on Twitter that he was okay and had accidentally taken half a dose of Ambien in the morning.He got treated for multiple myeloma in August 2013 at the Mayo Clinic.Learning to live with cancer, he continued to work for NBC throughout his treatments. Brokaw announced on December 21, 2014, that his cancer was in full remission. Rumors about him being dead are untrue, and he is perfectly well and alive.

Is His Personal Life as Successful as his Career?

As good and lucky as he has been at his job, Tom Brokaw has fared even better in his life. He has married the love of his life and a beautiful wife for an incredible 54 years. It’s something that a lot of people fail to do.

He is married to 1959 Miss South Dakota and an author Meredith Lynn Auld. They have been married since 1962. It is evident love and respect for one another have only grown over the years.

They have three daughters: Jennifer, Andrea, and Sarah. Brokaw with his family spends time at their ranch near Livingston, Montana, which they bought in 1989 occasionally. There's a lot of love between them even after so many years together.

Short Bio:

Tom Brokaw, currently aged 77, was born on February 6, 1940, in Webster, South Dakota. His parents were Eugenia and Anthony Orville Brokaw. The eldest of the children, he was named after his maternal grandfather. The American National is an ethnic French, a descendant of Huguenot immigrants. A perfect gentleman with enticing personality, Tom has an incredible body shape and measurements with the height of 5 feet and 11 inches.