Tom Macdonald Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Facts

By Sujata Limbu | Updated On: 01 Aug, 2019
Tom Macdonald Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Facts

Straight White Male, a rap song released during the pride month in 2019, made a controversial issue to its rapper Tom McDonald as it was a hip-pop anthem made upon shattering the people who are uncivilized to be a racist and sexist homophobe.

Tom is a Canadian rapper known for his song Helluvit, as well as albums including See You Tomorrow, Deathreats. Currently, the 30 years old rapper has over 536K subscribers on YouTube.

Net worth

Tom McDonald began his journey as an artist from the social media platform, YouTube. His major hit songs are Dear Rappers, Castles, Helluvit and White male.

He started uploading the videos on his youtube channel since 2014. His first official video song was Wannabe posted on May 14, 2014. With the long struggle in the rap game, he has been able to accumulate a separate fanbase. As of now, along with his popularity, his youtube subscribers has grown up to a significant number of over 5.1 million.

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His most controversial rap song Straight White Male released on May 24, 2019, got a total view of over 3.6 million views till today.

As a YouTuber, his monthly estimated earning ranges from $1.5k to $23.5k. However, his yearly income could be at least $17.7k to the highest of $282.6k.

Wiki- Family

The Canadian rapper Tom McDonald is at his early age of 31 years according to his birth year, 1988 and his birthday falls on 21 September. 

He was born in Canada to his mother, Lee Ann McDonald. In the family, he has a sister who just got married on July 2019. Not much is known about his parents; however, he indeed is very close to them as evident in social media.

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However, due to his works and a busy schedule, he currently lives in Los Angeles on a visa. There was even a time he had trouble while his tour to LA. Due to tight legal terminations of the USA, he was scattered to know he ran out of his valid visa date and realized the uncertainty when there were only two days left. Somehow, he managed the risk and marked himself safe during the time. 

Dating Girlfriend

Unlike other celebrities, Tom is very public regarding his relationship, and his romantic love life is evident in his social media post. He often showers love to his girlfriend, sharing lovely pictures online. To dismay all the fans curiosity, Tom has been in a relationship with Nova Rockaffeler since 2017. Nova is also a rapper, producer, and director, who has over 33.2K followers on his Instagram.

Tom and his girlfriend have been together since 2009 as a friend and lovebirds since 2017. With eternal love and devotion, they have now celebrated second Valentine's Day together as a couple.

Couple: Rapper Tom McDonald and his Punk band member and Girlfriend Nova. ( Photo: Tom's Instagram)

As it is said, love starts within friendship; the bond between the love-duo also seems growing with each passing day. As of now, Tom McDonald and his ladylove are flourishing their romance and is taking their time to share a wedding.


Explore a few facts about Rapper Tom McDonald which you guys might be unaware of:

  1. He has remained a professional wrestler for Real Canadian Wrestling from 2004-2009.

  2. His song Straight White Male, Tom sarcastically complained about his racial demographics and Whiteman being subject to unfair stereotyping. In the song, he presented that he has no issues with black people, immigrants, gay and LGBT people. Despite beliefs, to the contrary, he is also subjected as a White male.