What's Twaimz Real Name? Girlfriend, Dating Life, Tour

By Sujata Limbu | Published On: 27 Nov, 2019
What's Twaimz Real Name? Girlfriend, Dating Life, Tour

Vine and YouTube opened up a door in the life of Twaimz. He found his forte on these social media platforms and soon became successful in making the world smile with his vines and YouTube videos.

Holding Arabic descent, Twaimz is a full package of multifaceted talent and a sense of humor. He is mostly known for his utmost love for IIamas and his eccentric, comedic behavior.

His talented yet entertaining videos and vines has helped him amassed worldwide recognition with more than 4.25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, twaimz, and millions in his Vine account.

Besides that, Twaimz also has his website named, which is merch with a clothing line.

What’s Twaimz Real Name?

Twaimz’s real name is Issa Christopher Tweimeh, which he garnered from his family of Arabic descent residing in California, USA. Issa was born on 13 May 1995 as the younger son of Mai Twaimz and Tony.

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He has an older sister named Nour, with whom he got raised in San Franciso, CA

Issa Christopher Tweimeh with his mother, Mai Twaimz, and father, Tony. (Photo: Instagram)

Issa’s childhood was not blissful, like his teenage now. He had been a victim of bullying for his overweight and gender while in high school. Thankfully, the weight seemed to lose as Issa started being productive and making videos.

With great success in the YouTube channel, Issa 's vision in the social media platform expanded, He quit his school in 2015 and pursue his full time to his career at the age of 19.

Who Is Issa’s Dating? His Girlfriend

Unlike others, Issa has always remained open about his relationships and often talks about it in his videos and social media posts. For instance, on his tweet of 26 August 2018, he interpreted that he had been single for all his life of 23 years and had never tasted a romance. 

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However, since then, Issa has not hinted anything suspicious about his current relationship status. Hence, it is doubtful if he has found anyone in between this year, or is he relishing life as a bachelor.

Is Twaimz a Gay?

Twaimz, the biggest social media influencer, is the same kid who preferred to stay in his room to escape away from bullying about his weight or gender. While growing up in a small town in California, kids of his age used to tease him because of his girly name Issa. Some people even used to compare him as gay because his name sounds like a girl's name.

But, now, he has become strong enough to handle all those criticism. Still, Twaimz faces criticism regarding his sexuality, and some people even speculate him of being gay. Yet again, he has not fully confirmed his sexuality. But, Twaimz believes that his sexuality doesn't define who he is.


As the most exceptional YouTube sensation, Vine Personality, Vlogger, and everyone’s favorite, it is no doubt that many of his fans and audiences wanted to meet Twaimz in real. 

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Considering his fans’ interest, he tours a lot and interacts with every fan possible. He attempts to make a connection with them and performs for them while on his tours.

Regarding his tour, one thing is sure his performance is something you cannot ignore and enjoys it more than his online videos. Unfortunately, his fans will have to wait a little longer to see Issa live as he has not set any tour or events at present.